FREE UWE Paper Making workshop
FREE family workshop
Please note this is part of the Children's University activity
In partnership with University West England (UWE), Global Partnerships in Social and cultural Engagement we have invited a group of talented students from UWE to run weekend workshops in papermaking inspired by our exhibition Forest: Wake this Ground

Paper is all around us! From the books and newspapers you read to the toilet roll you use, we use paper everyday!

Papermaking is one of the greatest inventions in Ancient China dated back 105 AD. The materials used were plant based such as hemp, leaves, vegetable matters and tree barks. Papermaking replaced writing on the animal skin in Europe in the 8th Century.
As part of Children's University's, children will have their 'passports' stamped after completion of their workshop.
Have. you thought of making your own paper?

The workshop activities will show you the simplest processes of papermaking by using found scraps of paper, organic materials such as flowers, grasses, twigs and small objects.

The workshops are suitable for children from 6-12 year and must be accompanied by an adult. This is part of Children's University's activities and children will have their 'passports' stamped after completion of their workshop.

First session is 10-1
Second session 2-5pm

The workshops will take place on our second Floor Forest workshop space.
The activities are designed from 2-3 hours
Please bring a bottle of water and a snack for the children.
There will be breaks within each session.