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Monday 29th August 2022

Cremation Lily + Granite Maul + Distraxi

— Exchange
Noise, noise, and more noise. What more could you want?
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“So. Much. Distortion. Bring your earplugs and come bathe in Cremation Lily’s emo-static noiseworld - support from Bristol 8bit drone dungeonmaster, Granite Maul. For fans of: Prurient, Ramleh, Skullflower, Pharmakon, Crystal Castles.”
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Cremation Lily
Zen of Cremation Lily is making waves in the noise scene. Never letting themself sit in a box for too long, every record they release is a step up from the last, and pushes the boundaries of noise/ambient/whatever
At this show, Zen will be joined by Dean of Knifedoutofexistence, and Gwion of Holy Island Audio for an absolutely wild collaboration set. This is not one to be missed

Granite Maul
Dan of Callous Records, Hollow Life Records, and a million different bands brings rich soundscapes to life with nothing more than cassette tape loops and a few guitar pedals. Delving into both extremes of pure harsh noise abrasion, and thick cathartic ambient, you never know what you might get

A relative newcomer on the scene, but you wouldn't know it if I hadn't told you. Distaxi spent lockdown creating intense, lush textures filled with distortion and industrial sounds. Fresh off the back of her first live performance alongside Sean Addicott, Distraxi returns to blow out your ear holes once more

Event photos for Cremation Lily + Granite Maul + Distraxi:

Cremation Lily + Granite Maul + Distraxi at Exchange
Cremation Lily + Granite Maul + Distraxi in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Cremation Lily - Lovers Against The Rocks
Cremation Lily - Dreams Drenched in Static Live Performance
Cremation Lily & Døves - Understanding Forever

Artist Audio:

bandcamp - bandcamp
Cremation Lily
Cremation Lily & False Moniker