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Thursday 5th May 2022

Joanne Robertson LIVE

— Strange Brew
Simple Things welcomes avant garde femme-folk / acoustic / ambient singer-songwriter Joanne Robertson
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"With a lovely series of solo LPs, Joanne Robertson has become known for the lyrical drifting beauty of her music. The Lighter (Textile), Black Moon Days (Feeding Tube), Wildflower (Escho) and Painting Stupid Girls (World Music) have all been hailed as brilliant extensions of the avant garde wing of the femme-folk tradition. But Joanne is also a registered form-disrupter of the highest order, as she demonstrated early on with the Blood ‘n Feather collective.

She has also remained active with her friend, Dean Blunt, issuing the Walhalla LP (Textile) as a duo, and appearing on his recordings, the most recent being Black Metal 2 (Rough Trade). There is also a new experimental collaboration album with the artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen soon to be issued by Tenderbooks which promises to be an insane mix of songs and aktions.

Over the years Joanne's collaborators have ranged from people like legendary experimental musician David Cunningham, Mica Levi, Jasper Baydala (Kool Music), composer Oliver Coates and onward. And her personal style ranges from wildly open-form chord-squall in the French free rock tradition to the nearly hermetic folk darkness of Sybille Baier.
Long based in London, Joanne has now shifted her operational base to Glasgow, where the air is easier to breathe."

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Joanne Robertson - Black Moon Days

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Joanne Robertson

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