Ballantine Scale - Jäntti&Venna
Innovative aerial acrobatics and a dream-like musical score
In this world première from Finland, the audience will escape the chaos outside to enter a mysterious world that awaits within a giant white shape-shifting tent by the sea. Explore the ephemeral moments that exist between sunset and the arrival of dusk - the turning point at which the world morphs from day into night.

This strong, graceful performance combines Ilona Jäntti’s innovative aerial acrobatics with Aino Venna’s dream-like and organic musical score, with leitmotifs that echo down the decades. The tent appears to breathe and music is everywhere, as natural as air, as you’re invited to consider the interface of exterior and interior, nature and culture.

Ballantine Scale will be staged at the festival’s new and unconventional venue, Unit 15 in St Philips. This industrial warehouse creation space will be transformed into a twilight world of music, song and movement.

Running Time: 60 mins
Age: Recommended 8+

Image by Ulla Kokki