Bingo & Games
Dab the night away at this one-of-a-kind Bingo mash-up!
Combining rounds of pun-and-games, crafty challenges and your imagination this Bingo & Games Night invites you to make the most of some uninterrupted play time.

Whether you consider yourself a playful person or can’t remember the last time you played, throw yourself into a jam-packed evening full of games and mini-challenges.

All tickets include entry to all games on the night and a chance to win delightful prizes at the Greenbank Pub, Easton

Unfortunately there is currently no provision for wheelchair access to the room this event is held in, as there is a staircase up to the first floor. Those with limited mobility may find entry difficult.

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A&K's Playground inviting everyone to discover joys by tapping into their most playful self

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