Circus City Firegarden at Redcatch Park
These evenings will provide atmospheric, contemplative spaces alongside live performance
Metalworker Felix Rowberry has been working with local young people to create some wonderful fire sculptures especially for Redcatch Park in Knowle.

These evenings will be family friendly, atmospheric, contemplative spaces to enjoy this urban park while experiencing some live performance and reconnecting with each other.

Performers will be visiting from Living Room Circus, Parade of Horribles, Splatch Arts with Leyton John and illuminated angels by Corvus Angelicus by will dropping by.
Suspended by a crane, Helina Griffths of Skyhook productions will present a flame filled aerial spectacular as a finale.
Redcatch Community Garden will be helping local school children to make fire lanterns to light the paths.
Hot food snacks and (non alcoholic) drinks will be on sale at the garden.

Running Time: 2.5 hours
Age: All ages

Confirmation of Covid status must be shown to enter the event so please don’t forget to bring your phone or a print out as proof - please see the Event’s covid statement for further information -

This event is subject to site permissions/ licensing.

With thanks to Redcatch Park Friends association and Redcatch Community Centre