Cockroach by Chloe Mantripp
Led by an anarchic and relentlessly offensive heroine, Cockroach is socio-political physical theatre, up to the eyeballs in metaphorical fil
Will the end of the world be a non-event? Such a pitiful, limp, mouth-vomit of an eruption, that the universe rolls over, ashamed of what just happened?

This gritty, funny & moving solo show, shifts between the personal, political & epic, offering a brazen contemplation on consumption & objectification that questions where we place stigma, as we hurtle towards climate catastrophe.

Expect bad accents, insects and slippery physicality on a bespoke sculptural structure

“Darkly comedic physical theatre about sex work and climate change” – ★★★★ The Stage

“unsettling” The Scotsman

“5 hard won stars for incredible physical effort and storytelling genius” – Audience, Zoo Studios