Contra by Laura Murphy
A radical overturning of conventional expectations of aerial performance and performers
Drawing from circus, stand-up comedy and live art, Contra is a solo-cabaret of contradictions.
Fierce, witty and uncompromising, it’s a highly physical show that interrogates personal, social and historical occupations of the female body. It explores, quite literally, where such bodies are positioned and how we are meant to look at them.

Laura Murphy is a genre-defying queer performance maker from Bristol. She makes text-driven and dynamic physical work about things she thinks need to be talked about from beauty industry ‘norms’ to objectification.

Expect scenes of nudity, aerial acrobatics, verbal explosions and explicit references to mythical reptiles.

Contra ‘straddles live art and circus, staring down often uncomfortable narratives with a bit of critical theory thrown in for good measure.’ - Francesa Peschier, Exeunt

Running Time: 60 mins
Age: 16+ Contains nudity, strong language and frank discussions of sex and the body
Image by Milan Szypura