Glenside Hospital Museum
The Bristol museum of mental health treatment since 1861 And special exhibition Answering the Call
The museum is in the uplifting church built for patients, set in the grounds of the hospital. It has an eclectic collection of drawings, photographs and artefacts from the hospitals which tell the stories of three different hospitals. The purpose built psychiatric hospital covering mental health care and its evolution over time. Beaufort War Hospital as the buildings became during the Frist World War, where over 29,000 soldiers were treated in four years and the painter Staley Spencer was trained as an orderly. And The Stoke Park Colony for learning difficulties, founded in the iconic yellow house on the hill above the M32.

Current exhibition 'Answering the Call' celebrating people who came from the Commonwealth to work in the NHS from 1960s on.
Art including stitch, sculpture and ceramics inspired by the amazing stories of courage, determination, ambition, and intelligence from the people who came in answer to the call.

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