Miracle Theatre's Everyman
Miracle Theatre brings Carol Ann Duffy’s radical adaption right up to date
Miracle Theatre presents EVERYMAN, adapted by Carol Ann Duffy

Everyman is riding high, works hard, and plays harder. He has success, good looks and is living the dream… until Death comes calling. Forced to take a chaotic pilgrimage, Everyman becomes a man on the run, frantically attempting to justify his life choices before his time runs out?
Everyman holds a probing mirror up to the crisis of humankind, is it only in death that we understand our lives…

‘I thought the Earth was mine to spend, a coin in space. I hated the News. Didn't want to hear it - floods, fires, droughts, extinctions ... too much!’

Miracle Theatre brings Carol Ann Duffy’s radical adaption right up to date, creating a multi-sensory experience with sizzling sound score (Dom Coyote- Kneehigh), mesmerising 3D projection (Sarah Readman - Punch Drunk), stunning design (Amy Pitt - Glastonbury Block9), and gripping performances. This must-see show is a stark reminder of how fragile our relationship with the planet really is.

“I have never been so emotional destroyed, thank you!" Audience Feedback

“It was the most audience centered show I’ve seen in a long time. An incredible assault on the senses" Audience Feedback

Estimated running time: 1 hour 20 mins
Ticket Prices: Standard £20

Age guidance: Everyman is an adult show! It contains some strong language and challenging themes, so we recommend 15+ years.

A new portable performance structure – The Fleapit – will create an intimate and safe performance space and provide a 360-degree canvas for Everyman, transforming it into a completely immersive experience. Seats are separated into 12 separate booths of 7. In most cases you will be sharing a booth with other ticket holders, however you can have a private booth to yourself if you buy 7 tickets.

Unit 15 Creation Space
Unit 15, Premier Business Park, Sussex St, Bristol BS2 0RA

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