Sanctuaire Sauvage by Company Rafale
Experiments with sound and body inspired by considering visual impairment
Sanctuaire Sauvage is a live sound performance that uses the body to produce an acoustic universe. It is centred on the state of blindness and is freely inspired by the lives and stories of blind people. Prepare to be immersed as the protagonists and the sounds they create circle and surround you.

It all started with two sisters whose father couldn’t see them. How could they share in the way their father was feeling? In exploring this notion they discover that the loss of sight opens up a whole new way to experience the world.

This sensorial experiment will transport you to another reality. It will increase your perception of the other senses that exist beyond sight and which come into their own when the ability to see is taken away.

Running Time: 60 mins
Age: 7+

Image by Milan Szypura