This Time by Ockham's Razor
“An evocative and emotional performance” - North West End
A show about time, age and the stories we tell ourselves from the award-winning circus theatre company Ockham’s Razor.

With a cast ranging from 13 to 60 years old, This Time combines circus, autobiographical storytelling and original equipment to create compelling visual theatre. It looks at love, support and struggle in families alongside perceptions of strength and ability: how we are strong in different ways at different times in our lives.

Featuring a series of aerial frames which are raised from floor to ceiling, the four performers lift, push and cradle each other through thresholds and over ledges. Bodies are suspended high in the air and swung close to the ground in innovative new takes on trapeze and swinging cradle.

“An evocative and emotional performance” - North West End

Running Time: 70 minutes
Age: 8+
Image by Nik Mackey