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Fri 17th/11/2017

Dubi Dolczek Album Launch w/ Paddy Steer

— All Hallows Hall
1950’s tropical doowop and plutronium sorbet collide, droid beats and gloopcore
price: Headfirst Tickets


And Now!

Watch and be amazed. Beam the heck up!! Paddy Steer launches the Dubi Dolczek Band into space for the release of those newly long awaited audio memoirs.

“1950’s tropical doowop and plutronium sorbet collide… I was in a psychosexual delirium, I think we all were.”

‘Dubi In Space pt.1 the Emerald Gauntlet’ is the upcoming second album release by Dubi Dolczek on Stolen Body Records. It details the intrigues of mad robot kings, luscious Saturnian warrior women and a planet of eternally greyhaired babies… debauchery leads to brainwipes, heartbreak and back again… and to the ultimate journey… a journey to the planet within; Jayanubu.

In live performance Dubi Dolczek croons gently and mellifluously, adjusting with poise to a lusty cry when roused. The band can gloop as well as they bristle, ably evoking the various moods of space.
“Breathtaking” Kevin Costner

In rejection of the notion of ‘immaculate reproduction’, live performances from Paddy’s own project err more daringly and admirably on the frontier of chaotic abstraction, expression and focussed blunder, dice rolling down the hill in case of duende, as from behind his stacked array of instruments, the anarchically intrepid punk gargles through a vocoder with his xylophone, all a-clatter under disco lights and doilies.

£5 advance / £7 otd

There is no bar selling alcohol, BYOB.


Artist Videos:

Imagine how - Fishbone Jim
Paddy Steer - Unorthodox Paradox 2015

Artist Audio:

Paddy Steer
Stolen Body Records

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Dubi Dolczek Album Launch w/ Paddy Steer at All Hallows Hall in Bristol
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