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Dance music dominates Bristol’s musical landscape with the city’s electronic music producers and DJs considered some of Bristol’s finest exports. Outsiders and bloggers frequently fail to understand Bristol’s dance music, using resorting to sweeping statements about dubstep, disco or house music or cringe-inducing references to the ‘Bristol Sound’. The truth is that Bristol’s musical integrity is a direct result of sheer variety and the passion of individuals working in the music scene today.

Like Manchester’s Warehouse Project, Motion is the first nightclub many visitors to Bristol will be introduced to. While Headfirst is generally focused around the city’s smaller nights and events, the value Motion adds to Bristol’s musical culture in undeniable. The ability to book DJ’s like Ricardo Villalobos and Laurent Garnier or live acts like Moderat, inspires the next generation of promoters that will bring their own talent to venues like dare2, Lost Horizon and Lakota.

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Since 2016 clubbers have been able to buy tickets for events at venues like Coroner’s Court, Lakota and The Small Horse here on Headfirst. We work directly with the club promoters providing an ethical and independent place to buy your club tickets. Headfirst provides barcode-based club night tickets which are scanned by staff outside nightclubs and venues in Bristol on a nightly basis.

DJ Culture & Nightlife

Stokes Croft’s Idle Hands record shop has earned international recognition from both international and Bristol DJs and is frequently listed alongside Rush Hour Records and Public Possession as one of Europe’s best sources of electronic music. The rise of house music (and with it disco) has seen the club focus begin to shift from headline producers to experienced djs and record collectors. Where true DJ bookings were once the domain of small niche nightclubs like Cosies and Take 5 Cafe, recently promoters like Simple Things and PTS have brought international dance music purveyors to larger venues like Propyard and The Island’s prison cells. Clubbers rush to buy Dropout Disco tickets before the full line-up is announced while Dirty Talk and Alfresco Disco’s innovative approach to the typical ‘nightclub venue’ sells out on the promoter’s reputation alone.

Bristol's lesser-spotted unicorn DJs at our favourite nightclub. Club night at the Thekla in Bristol.

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Bushbby gets right to the sauce on the decks, distilling the soundsystem cultures of Colombia and the UK from Manu Chao to dancehall riddims, dembow and steamy pop cuts. With Booty Bass prime mover and Ngaio and Yusuf on the bill too, Gasolina’s your new destination for regular reggaeton fire. FIESTA GASOLINA W/ BUSHBBY, NGAIO & YUSUF SUAVE at The Lanes.

Young Echo isn't really a clubnight, it's a church where anything goes. Expect the unexpected: EBM goth, perfect rnb pop, hi NRG club mutants, junglist shadowplay and everything in-between the cracks. With live blunted conscious rap action from Manonmars + MXLX’s shadowy Gnar Hest alias for a paltry £5. Young Echo Sound at Exchange.

Connoisseurs of all that’s grotesque and glamorous in drag cabaret, Slaughterhaus are turning 5 years young! To celebrate, they’re throwing a party in true goblin showgirl fashion; so get your glad rags out and get ready for a lavish serving of sass, drama and pop bops from Drag Race UK’s Banksie + the family. Slaughterhaus: Surprise Party feat. Banksie at Strange Brew.

Poppers-grade hard house and queer techno from play-friendly miscreants FIST, inviting Shay Malt from iconic London party-starters Adonis for a no-phones exploration into the dark corners of Dare2’s dungeons. FIST w/ SHAY MALT at Dare to Club.

Tickets Available

Fri 26th April
Teachings in Dub - Aba Shanti-I meets Entebbe at The Trinity Centre
Fri 7th June
Into the Loop vol.4 - at The Trinity Centre
— The Trinity Centre

Into the Loop vol.4 - Tickets

Fri 19th April
Full Circle 360º Rave at Lakota
Sat 29th June
Bristol Sounds: Annie Mac – Before Midnight at Canons Marsh Amphitheatre
Sat 20th April
Bris-Tek. 4/20 Rave at Lakota

Electronic music in Bristol

Experimental dance music and boundary-pushing techno will always be found in Bristol’s smaller club venues. The Island’s cells space for example, continues to provide opportunities for new promoters that have vision beyond simply booking a DJ and running a publicity campaign. With no permanent sound system or DJ equipment, the old prison cells is blank canvas club - at it’s very best when an innovative event organiser puts in the time to transform the whole dancefloor space.

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Editor's club recommendations

Our editor's top live music recommendation

Draggernauts demands your wildest club fantasies! Their lurid cocktail of immersive sword & sorcery performance art and post-Balter/Bangface dancefloor silliness can only get weirder with Bristol’s undisputed queen of jungletek, Mandidextrous. 190BPM amen breaks, pounding kicks and drag princesses all night long. DRAGGERNAUTS: Pandora's Box at Exchange.

Soundsystem armageddon, dread apocalypse, 3 hours of hell rhythms unleashed from inside the Bug’s fire-proof vaults. Obviously, it doesn’t get heavier than this, nor will you ever see the Bug in this small a room again. Plus Ian from Lankum warms you up with the trad-drone-metal mesmerism of One Leg One Eye. BNM: The Bug / One Leg One Eye / bela at Strange Brew.

Sell out warning! Still reeling from Johnny Osbourne? Teachings strike again with another vital lesson from the master Aba Shanti-I spinning deadly plates in earth-rocker fashion. Never miss this dose of time-honoured roots & steppas, piercing sirens and shaking bass-weight; this time in a rare meeting with North London’s hallowed Entebbe Sound. Teachings in Dub - Aba Shanti-I meets Entebbe at The Trinity Centre.

Kink-positive, queer-run, underground play-party, reclaiming bodily house/techno joy with Club Cowgirl legend Scarlett O'Malley in the Loco Klub tunnels til 4am. Dress code and membership/guest rules apply, so don’t forget to dust off your finest latex, lace, PVC etc…whatever your vibe is. CLUB LOVE MEMBERS PARTY at The Loco Klub.

Alternative Spaces and New Club Venues

One of the main strengths to Bristol's club scene is it's relentless dynamism, every year enthusiastic new promoters bring new experiences to the table. Unlike raves of the previous decades, new events shirk the crusty, rebellious connotations of free party culture in favour of organised, party-centric events in interesting locations.