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Bristol’s best gigs

Every week, the Headfirst editors trawl through all of the live music listings on the website and pick the best gigs for you to go to. Our event selections range from classical music concerts at St George’s Hall to smaller, local musician’s gigs at The Canteen or the Exchange.

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Tickets for Bristol gigs

In 2016, Headfirst Bristol launched an online ticket shop for live music events. Inspired by local cooperatives and community interest companies like the Bristol Cable and The Island, Headfirst provides an ethical and respectful place to buy tickets for gigs in Bristol. Our booking fees are low (usually 50p per ticket) and we strive to help support independent live music events as much as large concerts at venues like Bristol Beacon or Marble Factory.

Upcoming gigs in Bristol

Fri 26th July
Ogives Big Band + Special Guests at Rough Trade Bristol
Tue 8th October
L'Entourloop at The Trinity Centre
— The Trinity Centre

L'Entourloop in Bristol Tickets

Wed 27th November
Villagers at The Trinity Centre
— The Trinity Centre

Villagers in Bristol Tickets

Sun 3rd November
Mercury Rev at The Trinity Centre
— The Trinity Centre

Mercury Rev in Bristol Tickets

Live music venues in Bristol

Bristol’s gig venues play an essential and often overlooked role in the city’s music scene. A spectrum of venues provides a ladder for new bands and musical talent to ascend. DIY spaces like Dareshack and Strangebrew provide a testbed for the screaming synthesisers and the guitars that will undoubtedly become part of Bristol’s future. Check out Headfirst’s Bristol venues page to discover which kind of performances and concerts you can expect from each gig venue.

First live gig for one of Bristol's best guitarists.

Our editor's top live music recommendation

Ritual psych-folk, heavy on the widescreen fantasy and mystical doom. Smote are capable of opening new pagan pathways in the minds of devoted listeners. FFO: Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Natural Snow Buildings, Six Organs of Admittance, Amon Düül, The Wicker Man, G!YBE. SMOTE + THRAA at Crofters Rights.

Sell out warning! There’s drum solos, and then there’s a Ryosuke Kiyasu show. Armed only with two sticks and a snare the esteemed grindcore / free jazz scenester somehow summons rhythmical re-awakenings and moments of pure musical ecstasy in all that witness. RYOSUKE KIYASU at Crofters Rights.

Brutal anarcho-crust-noize like the most careening Crass moments mashed into Merzbow’s greatest power electronic ballads. Bad Breeding summon the unholy voice of disenfranchised Stevenage youth - the most crucial punk bands of the last 10 years? Essential for fans of: Flux of Pink Indians, Pissed Jeans, Killing Joke. BAD BREEDING plus supports at Exchange.

UK modal sax-punk originals inna James Chance meltdown style. Blurt and Ted Milton are still a mutant jazz hurricane to be reckoned with, 40 years on from their first release. BLURT at The Thunderbolt.

Recommended Gigs

Sat 26th October
Rozi Plain + special guests at Lost Horizon
Mon 4th November
Wand + Special Guests at Strange Brew
Tue 22nd October
Flo Perlin at The Wardrobe Theatre
— The Wardrobe Theatre

Flo Perlin in Bristol Tickets

Fri 6th September
O. + special guests at Rough Trade Bristol
Sun 27th October
The's at Lost Horizon
Sat 3rd August
Colour Block Festival at The Trinity Centre
Fri 1st November
Dog Unit at Dareshack
Thu 26th September
Gemma Hayes at Strange Brew
Sat 7th September
RUN All Day 2024 at Motion

Gigs in Bristol today

Most of Headfirst’s visitors come to discover new bands and live music in Bristol. We’re proud to be Bristol’s most complete gig listings resource, complete with a full breakdown of gigs in Bristol today and tour dates for the next six months. A sterling selection of open mic nights (particularly along Gloucester Road), provide ample midweek entertainment for would-be talent scouts.

Sell out warning - buy tickets while you can!

Gorgeous folk-noir awash with bowed chamber strings and otherworldly harmonies. Aussie sister duo Charm of Finches summon an indie-baroque heartache of epic proportions FFO: Kate Bush, Gillian Welch, Agnes Obel, Sufjan Stevens. Charm of Finches + Mia Kelly at Bristol Folk House.

Pummeling, whacked-out, 1 minute Mississippi hardcore tracks about dogs and cyclops babies. Trading politico-punk rage for a joyfully frantic weirdness; devotees of Grandma’s House, Plastics or Poison Girls will swoon in the pit for Judy. JUDY & THE JERKS, GIMIC, SNEER and TENSION at Exchange.

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Sell out warning! Cerebral, meditative jazz-rap from a singular universe of the underground/overground. FKA milo & Scallop Hotel - Ferreira’s settled into the core shifting sands of self-mythologizing poetry and esoteric boom-psych, and there ain’t nothing quite like it FFO: Quelle Chris, Armand Hammer, Digable Planets R.A.P. Ferreira + AJ Suede + Eldon at Strange Brew.

Ridiculously huge Thursday nighter from PTS: viral baile funk sensation DJ Ramon Sucesso – who counts Arca and Neymar as fans – brings his raucous and frenetic take on the Brasilian sound for a live Bristol debut. As if that wasn’t enough, also catch experimental club maverick aya and industrial-nightmare-lullaby purveyor Blood of Aza. One for the books. PTS ϟ DJ Ramon Sucesso, AYA, Blood of Aza at Strange Brew.

Local bands and musicians

Local musicians are the lifeblood and new energy that constantly rejuvenates Bristol’s venues and performance spaces. Graduates from Bristol University’s Music course and BIMM provide regular injections of talent ranging from electronic music producers to classically trained pianists and orchestral musicians. Some of Bristol’s most successful bands are the first to point out that their inspiration comes from other local bands and gigs they’ve attended; with this in mind Headfirst is careful to include as much local talent as possible in it’s gig guide.

In addition to attending gigs you can also support Bristol’s musicians by buying their records from independent stores like Idle Hands Records, Shall Not Fade and Christmas Steps Records.