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Bristol’s best gigs

Every week, the Headfirst editors trawl through all of the live music listings on the website and pick the best gigs for you to go to. Our event selections range from classical music concerts at St George’s Hall to smaller, local musician’s gigs at The Canteen or the Exchange.

Check out this week’s Bristol gig selections over on the Headfirst Facebook page and don’t forget to like us for ticket alerts and announcements about interesting bands coming to Bristol.

Tickets for Bristol gigs

In 2016, Headfirst Bristol launched an online ticket shop for live music events. Inspired by local cooperatives and community interest companies like the Bristol Cable and The Island, Headfirst provides an ethical and respectful place to buy tickets for gigs in Bristol. Our booking fees are low (usually 50p per ticket) and we strive to help support independent live music events as much as large concerts at venues like Bristol Beacon or Marble Factory.

Upcoming gigs in Bristol

High Focus bring their raw energy to Bristol’s Marble Factory this September!
Summer Garden Party w/ Syreeta, Manda Moor & more in Bristol Tickets
Motion’s annual Summer Garden Party is back! With a stellar house line up
Grace Petrie in Bristol
Grace Petrie in Bristol Tickets
Protest singer Grace Petrie has an army of loyal fans across the alternative, folk, political and comedy scenes.
ILBC x EMOM - UK Challenge & Showcase in Bristol Tickets
The Beat Challenge will be a unique live event showcasing the skills and excitement of live electronic performance.

Live music venues in Bristol

Bristol’s gig venues play an essential and often overlooked role in the city’s music scene. A spectrum of venues provides a ladder for new bands and musical talent to ascend. DIY spaces like Dareshack and Strangebrew provide a testbed for the screaming synthesisers and the guitars that will undoubtedly become part of Bristol’s future. Check out Headfirst’s Bristol venues page to discover which kind of performances and concerts you can expect from each gig venue.
First live gig for one of Bristol's best guitarists.
Sell Out Warning: seminal first wave US hardcore from ACAB-toting MDC (aka Millions of Dead Cops), writers of such classic tunes as ‘John Wayne Was a Nazi’. If you know, you know. If you don’t….it’ll be a slice of punk gig history for fans of Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Germs. American hardcore legends MDC in Bristol
Blistering, manic, d-beat punk NRG from North Carolina for people who missed the Discharge show, this is as good as it gets. Support band Litige provides an upbeat contrast with crunchy power-chords and chanson-pop hooks that still bite hard af. International punk and hardcore with support from Gimic and Kill Mirror Image
3 rising local acts raising $ for St. Mungo’s homeless support network. Headliners Minor Conflict have been making waves on the circuit with their quirky post-folk / post-punk harp-enhanced pop; sure to charm fans of the Raincoats, Bas Jan, Gauche or Slagheap. ||~Minor Conflict ~ Foot Foot ~ Portrait Of~||BYOB||
Brutal anarcho-crust-noize like the most careening Crass moments mashed into Merzbow’s greatest power electronic ballads. Bad Breeding summon the unholy voice of disenfranchised Stevenage youth - the most crucial punk bands of the last 10 years? Essential for fans of: Flux of Pink Indians, Pissed Jeans, Killing Joke. Presented by Damnatio Memoriae & BLG Promotions.

Recommended Gigs

Pink Siifu in Bristol Tickets
A return trip for the most exciting rapper on Earth!
CHINA BEARS + BRIDGES in Bristol Tickets
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
WIKI in Bristol Tickets
Presented by Damnatio Memoriae.
Angeline Morrison + Germa Adan in Bristol Tickets
Angeline Morrison is a vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who believes in the inherent beauty of sad songs.
M(h)aol in Bristol
M(h)aol in Bristol Tickets
Why don't you study my gender?
Tonstartssbandht + The Rothmans in Bristol
Tonstartssbandht + The Rothmans at The Louisiana in Bristol
Brothers Andy & Edwin White make their long-awaited Bristol return
Dana Gavanski in Bristol
Dana Gavanski at Rough Trade Bristol in Bristol
Following a triumphant second album release, Dana Gavanski makes her return
Lime Garden at Crofters Rights in Bristol
So Young signees make their debut Bristol headline
J.Zunz / Neko / Kate Francis at Rough Trade Bristol in Bristol
Finally, fingers crossed, we host the hypnotic, swirling sonics of J.Zunz
Dub Legacy The mid summer reggae festival at The Trinity Centre in Bristol
Black Roots live on stage / Soundsystems Roots Injection Indica Dubs Green King Tappa outta Bassi soundsystem

Gigs in Bristol today

Most of Headfirst’s visitors come to discover new bands and live music in Bristol. We’re proud to be Bristol’s most complete gig listings resource, complete with a full breakdown of gigs in Bristol today and tour dates for the next six months. A sterling selection of open mic nights (particularly along Gloucester Road), provide ample midweek entertainment for would-be talent scouts.
Haunting chamber folk weaved from layers of viola, harmonium and vocals; achieving a drone-like, pagan majesty. For fans of O. G. Jigg, Nico, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Dead Space Chamber Music. Presented by BLG Promotions and Gravy Train
British folk music at it’s most beautiful. With every pluck of the guitar and bow of the fiddle, Kit and Aaron’s music beams humble integrity and inimitable prowess. Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow headline Downend Folk Club's July concert
FREE ENTRY: spaghetti western shootout desert psych from another dimension with lap steel, tenor sax and soaring Jefferson Airplane-esque vocal Americana. Drink deep this heady kool-aid mix of: The Desert Sessions, Big Brave x The Body, Gun Club, Ennio Morricone. Free show, presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
Indefinable, heavy and indefinably heavy … fronted by the singer from avant-rock heroes Oxbow, Buñuel are either the sludgiest post-punk band ever or the weirdest noise band ever. RIYL: Drive Like Jehu, The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans. Presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.

Local bands and musicians

Local musicians are the lifeblood and new energy that constantly rejuvenates Bristol’s venues and performance spaces. Graduates from Bristol University’s Music course and BIMM provide regular injections of talent ranging from electronic music producers to classically trained pianists and orchestral musicians. Some of Bristol’s most successful bands are the first to point out that their inspiration comes from other local bands and gigs they’ve attended; with this in mind Headfirst is careful to include as much local talent as possible in it’s gig guide.

In addition to attending gigs you can also support Bristol’s musicians by buying their records from independent stores like Idle Hands Records, Shall Not Fade and Christmas Steps Records.
Rapper announces our new Bristol gig guide on the microphone!