Bristol Beacon

Bristol Beacon

Bristol's most famous concert and comedy venue.

Bristol Beacon is Bristol's most documented venue and there's little to write about it that hasn't been written tens of times already. To stick to the essentials, whats on at Bristol Beacon really varies, some nights you'll find comedy listings, other nights big name pop gigs. Music-wise, if a legend is going to play in Bristol, odds are they'll be in the Bristol Beacon listings.

A multi-million pound makeover in 2009 added not only a bling gold exterior but a new foyer performance space and bar which hosts occasional smaller or free entry events.

What's On At Bristol Beacon

Ryoji Ikeda presents ‘ultratronics’ +  Jlin at Bristol Beacon
— Bristol Beacon
electro footwork experimental
Klein / Aho Ssan / Penumbra at Bristol Beacon
— Bristol Beacon
Keeley Forsyth at Bristol Beacon
— Bristol Beacon
freak folk experimental drone
Elijah Fox Improvised Piano Works Tour at Bristol Beacon
— Bristol Beacon
jazz jazz funk

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The greatest living AV artist brings his dizzying sonic architecture to Bristol New Music with the undisputed queen of footwork (and beyond). Ready your mind for rhythmical quantum entanglements, time-stretching sound art and the biggest dose of future shock you’ll get all year. Ryoji Ikeda presents ‘ultratronics’ + Jlin at Bristol Beacon.

A full bill of uncanny AV experimentalism as avant-R&B innovator Klein brings her tripped out free jazz gospel drone mutations along with Aho Ssan’s cinematic, glitch-distortions and spectral improv hypnotism courtesy of a new collaboration between Dali de Saint Paul and Maxwell Sterling. Essential FFO: Mica Levi, EP/64, KMRU, AD93. Klein / Aho Ssan / Penumbra at Bristol Beacon.