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Monday 14th March 2022

Ecstatic Prance

— All Hallows Hall
Playful free-form dancing, soup and chatter
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Ecstatic Prance is about free movement and playful moments of closeness. Behind our light-hearted idea is the simple act of dancing freely and the sense of belonging amongst the like-minded.

Our free-form dance event starts at 7:30PM every second Monday. We’ll kick off with a warm-up before you prance ecstatically and unguided for 60 minutes. You’re welcome to stay for soup and chatter at the end.

Expect an eclectic mix of bangers from diva-evoking disco to spacey electronics. We explore contrasting rhythms to tickle our imagination for what our bodies can do. Please note it's a pretty grassroots event with a funky playlist of tunes!

How we vibe:
• Dance however you like
• Be brave, be silly
• Co-create a judgment-free space
• Let loose without drugs or booze
• Respect other people’s no-no’s

Keep the event alive by supporting us with a fiver in cash or card at the donation station. We won’t turn you away if you're in a financial pickle, but please donate if you’re able to give.

New comers are welcome! It’s okay to feel nervous, especially if you come alone. Dancing freely around others is a courageous act. Yet we come together to overcome our fears.

Dress code: wear whatever you like but fancy dress makes us happy.

For more information, please visit www.ecstaticprance.com

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