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Friday 8th October 2021

The Fish Cage

— Alma Tavern and Theatre
In a world where criminals store their consciousnesses in others, 19 year old Connor finds himself with a charismatic newcomer in his head
price: £13 / £11


Connor is a nineteen year-old introvert, obsessed with comic books and superheroes. He’s at his happiest when he’s alone with his own thoughts. Except... for the next three days, he’s not. In a world where criminals store their consciousnesses in others to evade capture, Connor now finds himself with an eccentric, charismatic and quite possibly homicidal newcomer in his head, and a fight for control begins. The Fish Cage is a thrilling, funny and intense look into how a family’s loyalties shift when control starts to slip away. Because when you share a mind with someone, nothing stays hidden for long…

This production contains themes and emotional discussions of sexual abuse, and violence.

Greedy Pig Theatre Company is run by Bath Spa University Alumni Douglas Murdoch and Lex Kaby. At Greedy Pig we enjoy playing and experimenting with form. Whether that’s a dystopian comedy play, a physical movement piece, a tragic minimalist musical, or whatever tool best fits the story we wish to tell. We aim to explore the human experience and perceptions of normality through every lens possible. After all, when it comes down to it, we are Greedy!

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The Fish Cage at Alma Tavern and Theatre in Bristol
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