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Tuesday 29th March 2022


— Alma Tavern and Theatre
Six monologues exposing women desperately balancing their inner and outer lives.
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Bombshells consists of six monologues made famous by Caroline O'Connor, exposing women balancing their inner and outer lives with humour and often desperate cunning. The scripts are brilliant, funny and perceptive, the characters range in age from a feisty teenager to a 64-year-old widow yearning for the unexpected.

The playwright describes the six characters as women who struggle, 'sometimes hilariously, sometimes tragically, to bridge the chasm between the wilderness of their inner worlds and the demands of their outer worlds' (Murray-Smith, 2004).

A mother who tells the story of her non-stop day in an anguished internal monologue; A cactus lover bravely attempting to rise above her relationship crisis; A cabaret singer who's had her fair share of personal problems. All of the women depicted are relatable, and combined they show the depth of the female experience.
Bombshells at Alma Tavern and Theatre in Bristol
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