a gathering of voices at Arnolfini
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A gig held at Arnolfini on Saturday 14th October. The event starts at 19:30.

Calling Calling: performance event
Saturday 14 October, 7.30-11pm, Arnolfini

/////LINE UP\\\\\
Sharon Gal
Nik Rawlings
Phil Minton + Feral Choir
Dali de Saint Paul + Wojciech Rusin
Calling Calling: new collaborative ensemble vocal piece
Sharon Gal is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, vocalist and composer,
specialising in free improvisation, experimental music and collaborative,
participatory compositions. She works with voice, electronics, extended
techniques, field recordings, found audio, video and collage; exploring presence, listening, embodiment, and the relationship between people, sound and space.

Sharon will perform ‘Ghost Song’ - a new performance piece, visceral sound
poem and an incantation, responding to a text composed by writer and visual
artist Oliver smith, after her performance at Xposed Club/University of
Gloucestershire in 2017.
Nick is a Counter Tenor vocalist, composer, artist and DJ. They make work that considers experiences of networked presence, polymorphous bodies and vocal transformation. Situated between song, collective performance and dance, my practice explore the complex relational quality of sound in space, while creating spaces of shared connection, confrontation and joy.
Phil is a British avant-garde jazz/free-improvising vocalist and trumpeter. For the past forty years, he has collaborated with groups, ensembles, orchestras, musicians and artists internationally including Roger Turner, John Butcher, and Audrey Chen.

Phil also leads the Feral Choir, voice-conducting workshops and concerts for anyone who wants to sing, and which has performed in over twenty countries.
Dali de Saint Paul is a prolific collaborator and a prominent figure in Bristol's improv scene. “I want to explore different collaborations to see how I can make dialogue with people within different genres”, she says.

Dali has worked with US noise artist Moor Mother, is a member of feminist improvising collective Viridian Ensemble, the long-running group Domestic Sound Cupboard, and a part of the recently conceived industrial duo Harrga with Miguel Prado. She also founded The Ephemeral Project 64, which invites different musicians to improvise with her until the ever-changing group has completed 64 separate performances.

Wojciech Rusin is a Polish-born audio visual artist based in London. He draws inspiration from alchemical and gnostic texts, early renaissance choral music and Eastern European mythologies
Calling Calling: new collaborative ensemble vocal piece

Devised and performed by participants from the Calling Calling vocal workshop series, which took place earlier this year. Following the workshops, the group spent a weekend in residency at Arnolfini to bring together their learning and to use their voices to create something new, ambitious and expansive. Workshops were led by invited artists Alwyn Pritchard and Hannah Silva, as well as by members of BEEF and Brunswick wider community: David Hopkinson, Tina Hitchens, Phil Owen, Dali de st Paul, Shirley Pegna.

Calling Calling is an expanded vocal project taking place throughout 2023.

A programme of public workshops and performances, and an artist development project explores collaborative vocal ecologies through non-traditional voice and expanded vocal techniques.

This project developed out of, and is led by, a group of Brunswick artists and the wider extended Brunswick community, who have come together through their shared interests in working experimentally with the voice.

An extended group of vocal explorers came together to learn new approaches and skills from each other, and from invited artists, to explore a diverse range of vocal techniques, to work towards creating a new collaborative performance. The group have taken part in workshops with Alwynne Pritchard, and Hannah Silva, followed by a weekend residency led by Yas Clarke, Shirley Pegna, and Jo Hellier at Arnolfini in early September to devise, and develop a group performance for the event.

Public workshops led by members of the group as part of St Georges Voice Festival in June 2023, offered opportunities for audiences to try out different vocal processes, allowing all voices to be heard, without needing to be a ‘singer’.

This programme is made possible with funding from West of England Visual Arts Alliance (WEVAA) and Arts Council England, with support from Arnolfini.

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