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Saturday 2nd October 2021

Franko B - I'm Here

— Arnolfini
A welcome return to Arnolfini by renowned artist Franko B, with a new performance.
price: Headfirst Tickets


I’m Here is a new performance by Franko B, in collaboration with Anthony Martin. Known internationally as a pioneering performance artist, Franko B revisits his seminal bloodletting works for the first time in 15 years through 360° body-mapping techniques. The deep cuts, at times exaggerated and distorted, are interwoven with 7000 images from the internet, to show a global history of war, abandonment, homophobia, freedom, displacement, famine and sex through the lense of the camera. The performance confronts the viewers with an emotionally charged choreographed experience that ultimately equates the pain of the individual with the open wounds of society.

Please note that owing to limited capacity, there will be two separate sittings for the same performance, one 6:30, one at 7:30.