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Saturday 23rd October 2021

Shextreme Film Festival: Connected Communities

— Arnolfini
A cinematic celebration of women in extreme sports and adventure communities
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Join Shextreme Film Festival for its sixth free edition as part of Vanguard x Vans: On The Screen.

Shextreme Film Festival is the world’s first festival celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure.

Our free evening screening celebrates women rediscovering their courage through mountain biking, hiking and stand-up paddleboarding in the UK, a snow-filled skate adventure in Austria and the mental and physical journey of seeking out remote, icy waters to go wild swimming.

Our evening panel discussion investigates the importance of connected communities led by Bex Band, Founder of Love Her Wild, Jo Moseley, Founder of The Joy of SUP podcast and Soraya Abdel-Had, Founder of All the Elements supporting increased diversity in the UK outdoors.

Also enjoy the first live performance of climbing poem Hands: this year’s Shextreme Adventure Poetry 2021 Winner by writer Sarah-Jane Dobner.

Our evening film programme proudly includes the following Shextreme Film Festival 2021: Official Selection films:

Wave Wahines - women and girls of the waves (2021)
Director: Yvette Natacha Curtis
Running Time: 01:53
This short documentary celebrates the positive local impact of surfing on Wave Wahines’ community of women and girls in Devon, UK.

Anywhere But Here (2021)
Director: Maitry Rao
Running Time: 03:13

Anywhere But Here (2021) is a metacommentary animation about wanting to go places and see new faces, but being prevented from doing so by the pandemic. The narrator unravels a bittersweet resolution in the self-reflexive filmmaking process as we dive deeper into her dreamscape.
Ebb And Flow (2021)
Director: Alice Ward
Running Time: 12:55

Beautifully hypnotic Ebb and Flow features three fearless females and their love for surfing the waters off the west coast of Ireland.
The Wanderlust Women (2021)
Director: Frit Sarita Tam
Running Time: 08:00

This award-winning documentary showcases two Asian female adventurers: Amira (28) and her mother, Aysha (50), as they discuss breaking down barriers on a hike up Rivington Pike in Lancaster, UK.
Back on the Bike (2021)
Director: Samantha Saskia Dugon (2020)
Running Time: 22:43

Having suffered many life battles, one daughter is determined to get her mother back on a bike to rebuild her confidence in this heartwarming and humorous mountain biking documentary filmed in North Wales.
Body of Water (2020)
Co-Directors: Scott M Salt and Benjamin Paul
Running Time: 41:00

The award-winning film Body Of Water documents wild swimmer Gilly McArthur over Winter on her mental and physical journey seeking out remote, icy waters. From the windswept mountain tarns of her home in the Lake District to frozen lochs in the Scottish Highlands, this film provides a window into a world that many can't comprehend, illustrating why this niche pastime is so compelling and full of joy for those who are bold enough to try it.
Brave Enough (2021)
Running Time: 39:58
Director: Frit Sarita Tam

Jo Moseley is a 56 year old stand up paddleboarder, and single mother of two.

In 2016, she came up with the idea to SUP 162 miles from Liverpool to Goole on the Leeds Liverpool Canal and Aire & Calder Navigation. Her adventure idea was met with less than enthusiastic responses, namely that it might be difficult for someone “of [her] age”. So she put the dream away.

In 2019, Jo revisited the idea realising that life was too short and too precious to let someone else determine your dreams. Picking up litter and fundraising, she embarked on an adventure that would result in her becoming the first woman to paddleboard the Coast to Coast Trail. The journey would challenge, surprise and heal her.
Love Her Wild: Meet Up
Time: 10 - 10:50pm
Location: Arnolfini Bar

We conclude our Shextreme Film Festival with a Love Her Wild Meet Up hosted by Bex Band for post-screening chats and drinks in Arnolfini’s Bar. Who knows what exciting expedition ideas our Shextreme Film Festival programme may inspire!

Event photos for Shextreme Film Festival: Connected Communities :

Shextreme Film Festival: Connected Communities  at Arnolfini
Shextreme Film Festival: Connected Communities  in Bristol 2021

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