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Saturday 23rd October 2021

Shextreme Film Festival: Skate Empowerment

— Arnolfini
A cinematic celebration of women in skateboarding on screen and behind the camera.
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Join Shextreme Film Festival for its sixth free edition as part of Vanguard x Vans: On The Screen.

Shextreme Film Festival is the world’s first festival celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure.

From showcasing grassroots skateboarding filmmaking talent in Bristol to supporting girls who skateboard in Afghanistan, this free skate empowerment screening celebrates women in skateboarding all around the world.

The free screening will be followed by a Q & A with Gabby Darriet-Jones, founding director of female-focused skate brand Artemis Skate Co. and award-winning skate photographer Hannah Bailey.

Excited to screen the following female-led skate films:
Elysium (2021)

Co-Directors: Lydia Higginson and Dan Higginson

Running Time: 04:59

An Arts Council-funded artistic cinematic exploration discovering the blurred boundaries between dancing and skateboarding. Filmed at Campus Skateparks in Bristol, UK.
Skate to Screen (2021)

Co-Directors: Anis Tebib, Fern Cory, Grace Perry, Jack Whitcombe, Jamie Kinman,Joe Robson, Millie Wilmott, Noah CK, Samuel Apostol, Toby Gray and Amira Missaoui.

Running Time: 08:00

A celebration of the next generation of emerging skateboarding filmmaking talent. A compilation of four short films created by teenage participants over three days filmed in iconic Bristol skate spots featuring pro Vans riders such as Amanda Perez. Skate to Screen was a skateboarding filmmaking workshop in collaboration with Vans, Vanguard, Clockwise Media, Boomsatsuma, Get Your Bearings and Shextreme.
Hannah Bailey (Success as a woman can be anything) (2021)

Director: Dan Higginson

Running Time: 04:24

A behind-the-scenes portrait of Hannah Bailey and her creative practice as a prolific UK female skate photographer. So stoked Hannah Bailey will be joining us in person at Shextreme Film Festival for this screening’s Q & A.
Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl) (2019)

Director: Carol Dysinger

Running Time: 39:00

This Oscar-winning film is a story of young Afghan girls learning to read, write, and skateboard at Skateistan, a nonprofit that began as a skate school in Kabul in 2007 and grew into an empowering multinational educational initiative.

Event photos for Shextreme Film Festival: Skate Empowerment:

Shextreme Film Festival: Skate Empowerment at Arnolfini
Shextreme Film Festival: Skate Empowerment in Bristol 2021

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