The Veil ࿐ A Masquerade Immersive Experience at Ashton Court
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A event held at Ashton Court on Friday 3rd November. The event starts at 19:00.

The Veil is a multi-sensory journey of immersive acts marking the gateway to the darker half of the year. Taking place in Ashton Court, a mansion house estate dating back to the 11th century, we will be celebrating a selection of seasonal happenings, including a traditional feast, live ritual performance, a fire ceremony and a climactic dance catharsis. The evening will be punctuated by a sonic backdrop, modular synths, Dj sets as live music of some of Bristol and London’s experimental folk and sound artists. Midnight Undergrowth will take the audience on a multi-layered evening of performance, inviting participants who are curious to participate in an intentional portal of self release, space to embrace hidden shadows and an invitation to lay down the groundwork for our yearly transformation.
The choice about how and how much you are involved is always yours.

This time of year, marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Also know as Samhain, this is the time when the veil between the world of the spiritual and living merge, as days of light give space to darkness. We will open the celebration with an immersive dining feast to mark the wheel of the year, then performance will slowly begin to unfold, from performance art ritual, theatrical act, music and much more.

According to folklore and pagan traditions, this is is said to be the time when the spirits (or the Aos Sí) could easily cross into the world of the living. Our evening will be inspired and led by the spirits living between two worlds, helping us to become familiar with darkness, eradicate fear and face our shadow aspects, inviting us to walk through the Veil, into the Underworld.

This is a masquerade event therefore we invite you to embrace transformation through fantasy costume, discovering your innermost secret self, inner spirit, demon, nymph, fictional character or whatever you like to be.

Not sure what to do? Do not worry, a transformation station with face-paint will be present on site !

Please email [email protected] if you need.

Midnight Undergrowth is a nocturnal branch of Undergrowth Collective.
We are a femme led, LGBTQIA+ ally group, made up of Performance Artists, Musicians, Holistic practitioners, Chefs, Sound healers and DJs.
The Undergrowth is a mysterious and magical place. For us, Undergrowth serves as a metaphor for the nourishing power and deep diversity of life that arises from below, flourishing in the shade yet growing and blossoming ever towards the light. Our collective explores the concept of the Undergrowth as both a real and metaphorical place, and we welcome all to discover and create along with us.

Undergrowth since 2017 works as an open platform and a collaboration of artists, makers, activists, ecologists, teachers, united by the collective motivation to celebrate the arts as an unbreakable bridge between the public and the teachings of nature. Over the years Undergrowth has collaborated with creative practitioners and inspirational organisations from a wide range of disciplines, including: musicians, dancers, philosophers, environmentalists, charities, galleries and ashrams.

++With the participation of ++

Noum @noum_ ._
Andrung Heinzelmann @Andrung_heinzelmann
Charles Jimenez @anetherealbooth
Gayle Gold @gold.gayle
Jack @javkx
Linda @movementandstories
Lùpa @lupalu_x
Nymph @nymph.mp3
Marta @woolva
Wesley @wesleymanners
Silky Disturbance @silkydisturbance
Yiling @yiling_zhao

& more to be announced

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