Belkî Sibê - The Syrian War and Rojava Revolution at BASE, 14 Robertson Road, BS5 6JY

A event on Saturday 15th June. The event starts at 19:00.

Belki Sibe is a volunteer soldier's film. It unfolds an 18 month journey through war and revolution, in Rojava Kurdistan NE Syria, during the advance and victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS, including the story of the International Freedom Battalion, where the director was primarily deployed. It depicts the military life and battles on the front-lines, as well as the civil life at the rear and the social transformation attempted by the Autonomous Administration. In both fields, the role of women's liberation and empowerment is prominent. The film follows a timeline from July 2016 (battle of Manbij) until the end of 2017 (liberation of Raqqa and demise of the Islamic Chaliphate), but also includes flash forward updates from late 2021.

Entry requirements: no age restrictions