Well-curated independent bookshop in Whapping Wharf.

Bookhaus is Bristol's best bookshop bar none - offering a quality selection of new editions from glossy coffee table tomes to paperbacks on politics, gender, race, the environment, self-help, plus an amazingly diverse fiction section. With frequent book launches and talks, it's become a vital hub for Bristol's casual readers and literati alike.

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If capitalism fundamentally harms our wellbeing, then mental health is political by its nature. In her penetrating debut book, Micha Frazer-Carroll shows how our struggles for liberation intersect with mental illness. It’s a galvanising call to action; drawing on the history of psychiatry, diagnosis and resistance as an antidote to our ineffective online culture of ‘awareness campaigns’. Mad World: The Politics of Mental Health launch with Micha Frazer-Carroll

“Joyfully queer, filth and fun” - a bold new voice in Welsh writing, Rachel Dawson pens a lesbian loveletter to the fuck-Thatcher 80s. From Cardiff to London, protest to strike, club to squat and all the zines, music, fashion and heartache that made it worth fighting for. Join Rachel in conversation with D-M Withers + a complimentary glass of wine to get things going….. From the Valleys to the nightclubs of Cardiff, London and Manchester, NEON ROSES is a heartwarming, funny and a little bit filthy queer comi

RIP gal-dem, long live Live Little. Not content with mothering a revolution in journalism for marginalised voices, Liv’s will launch her sensational, sensual, debut novel in person at Bookhaus. Rosewater’s a candid, humorous exploration of queer love and hard graft in the life of a 20-something creative. Join us for the launch of the debut novel by Liv Little, the founder of gal-dem magazine

The original tale of sci-fi dystopian blockbuster justice, Judge Dredd’s the most cultish, treasured story cycle in all of UK comic book history. In this Q&A / book launch, comics critic Michael Molcher presents an original analysis of Dredd as prophetic political satire - of our now very-real dystopian police state. Judge, jury and executioner, Judge Dredd is the brutal comic book cop policing the chaotic future urban jungle of Mega-City One

Struggling to get an appointment? Join the queue….Jacky Davis and Tone Horwood chair this book launch / discussion around the relentless attack on our once-proud health system by Tory ineptitude and austerity. They’ll look at policy fails and tunnel vision since 2010 that led us through one of the most laughable pandemic responses in the ‘first world’. Join Jacky Davis and Tone Horwood from the Keep Our NHS Public campaign as we discuss what has happened to the NHS