KIKI PRESENTS: PARIAH - Feature Film Programme at Bricks Bristol
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A event on Thursday 9th September. The event starts at 20:30.

PARIAH (2011) Presented by QTIBIPOC Collective, Kiki Bristol
Director: Dee Rees

In a desperate search for sexual expression, a Brooklyn-based teenager assumes paradoxical identities and stands to lose her family and friends while setting herself up for heartbreak.

​+ Panel by Kiki Bristol subtitled and interpreted by a BSL Translator.

lara lalemi
Lara (she/her) is a PhD Chemistry student in the field of Aerosol Science. She is also the founder and CEO of Creative Tuition Collective, which provides free tuition in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] subjects, mentorship and mental health support to pupils from low-income families. Lara co-founded Kiki Bristol, She says, “Kiki is a place for Queer, Trans and Intersex People of Colour (QTIPOC) to meet where we can create our own community alongside our supportive allies with a collective and shared vision of inclusivity and safety.

Peta Shillingford (She/her)
Peta is a co-founder of Kiki Bristol and a passionate community activist. Along side her regular job, Peta studies law and is a member of the inclusive anti-fascist Easton Cowgirls Football team. She was included on “The Bristol Pink List 2021” a list of influential LGBTQ+ in Bristol right now. 

Maria Isabelle Cerezo Edwards Maria (She/Her)
Currently works for Public Health England and  recently completed a Masters in Women, Violence and Conflict. She hopes to complete a PhD in the next couple of years highlighting issues relating to gendered violence particularly for BAME groups. 
Thursday 9th September
Start Time - 20:30

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• I frequently stress about meeting basic* needs and don’t always achieve them.
• I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs.
• I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing.
• I sometimes can’t afford transport or petrol for my car.
• I am unemployed or underemployed.
• I qualify for government and/or voluntary assistance including: food banks and benefits.
• I have no access to savings.
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• I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them.
• I cannot afford a holiday or have the ability to take time off without financial burden.

£4 / £6
• I may stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them.
• I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs.
• I can afford public transport and I can afford petrol.
• I am employed.
• I have access to health care.
• I have some expendable income.
• I am able to buy some new items and I buy others second hand.
• I can take a holiday annually or every few years without financial burden.

• I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs.
• I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs.
• I own my home or property or I rent a higherend property.
• I can afford public and private transport. If I have a car/access to a car I can afford petrol.
• I have regular access to healthcare.
• I have access to financial savings.
• I have an expendable** income.
• I can always buy new items.
• I can afford an annual holiday or take time off.

*BASIC NEEDS include food, housing, clothing and transportation.
**EXPENDABLE INCOME might mean you are able to buy coffee or tea at a shop, go to the cinema or a concert, buy new clothes, books and similar items each month, etc.

The Palace International Film Festival, Bristol’s annual LGBTQIA+ cinematic event, happening 8th – 12th September at Bricks in St Anne’s, will be showcasing 100+ queer shorts, feature films, performances, workshops, virtual reality and a film archive exhibition!

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