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Sunday 5th December 2021

Joe Strouzer

— Bristol Distilling Co
Joe Strouzer singing originals/blues/folk
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Joe Strouzer playing original songs, blues and folk at his first Sunday of the month residency at Bristol Distilling Co Taproom
Joe Strouzer sings songs from his travels from Newcastle to New Orleans and a hell of a lot of places in between. His driving resonator guitar is coupled with true harmonica voodoo and biting songwriting of modern trouble, heartpains, moonlit trysts, drinking and devilment, peppered with a rich history of blues.
Free! 4-6pm

Event photos for Joe Strouzer:

Joe Strouzer at Bristol Distilling Co
Joe Strouzer in Bristol 2021

Artist Videos:

Joe Strouzer - Hotdog & A Nail (Live At No. 14 Bacon St)
Joe Strouzer - St James Infirmary Blues
Joe Strouzer - Hell Or High Water

Artist Audio:

Joe Strouzer
Joe Strouzer at Bristol Distilling Co in Bristol
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