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Friday 24th January 2020

Perspectives on Home

— Centerspace Gallery
Mother Arts Launch Exhibtion
price: entry is free


Mother Arts proudly presents 'Perspectives on Home'



Sharing varied perspectives on what home means in the context of grief, immigration, and politics, each photographer unearths and considers their individual history. The works are sometimes touching, sometimes enlightening, and sometimes playful.

The event will function as the launch exhibition of Mother Arts, an initiative that aims to provide a meaningful platform for emerging artists by offering exhibitions, spaces to perform and spotlight.


Álvaro Martínez García’s project examines the legacy of a grandfather he never knew, García García, who had Spain's most common name twice. Interacting with his archive, Álvaro saves his grandfather's story before it recedes into anonymity, questioning how heritage can become lost in history.

Clár Tillekens' parents emigrated from rural Ireland to New York for better economic prospects. One generation on, a directionless Tillekens applied to become an Irish Citizen. As a first generation American that has lived in Germany, Ireland and England, her vision of Irishness is complex. 'Overseas' is a reflection on immigration, aiming to undermine the notion that national identity is fixed.

Reflecting on the passing of Luce's grandfather and the current political climate surrounding immigration, collaborative duo Lucy Bliszko and Harry Flook’s project observes the settlement of asylum seekers in Wales at different points in time, first through present day North African refugees, compared with Hungarian refugees who settled in Wales in the late 50’s.

Lewis Brillet's touching project portrays the recess of grief in the family home, after his brother passed away. Brillet documented his homes physical renovation - intended to bring a sense of structure to his large French-Vietnamese family - while they rebuilt their lives in tandem.

Event photos for Perspectives on Home:

Perspectives on Home at Centerspace Gallery
Perspectives on Home in Bristol 2020

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Perspectives on Home at Centerspace Gallery in Bristol
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