DJ Shadow at Central Warehouse
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A gig on Sunday 24th March. The event starts at 18:30.

JOY. presents
DJ Shadow
+ support

This is an 18+ event.

For over 30 years, Josh Davis has expressed his passion, taste, and values through the music he creates as DJ Shadow. The name alone evokes a high watermark for instrumental hip-hop and composition.

The first sampled words heard on DJ Shadow’s forthcoming album Action Adventure, his seventh solo LP, are “all my records and tapes.” In fact, they are some of the only words heard on what is almost an entirely instrumental release; they’re a kind of thesis statement for an album that has its roots in the drifting, destabilizing days of the COVID lockdown. Action Adventure is an inward-looking project, made by Shadow alone without any collaborators. Action Adventure tells the listener: “This is about my relationship to music. My life as a collector
and curator. All my records and tapes, and no one else’s.” The result is the most exciting DJ Shadow LP in years.

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