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Monday 11th July 2022

The Drag Dungeoneers

— The Cloak and Dagger
Dungeons and Dragons With Bristol Drag Artist
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“Drag with a difference: twisted sword and sorcery themed genderfuckery taking inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons with dice-rolling and interactive warfare. Will you escape un-dragged?”
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Join our Drag Dungeoneers for a variety of adventures in the realm of D&D! Walk through the world with us as our players try survive the worlds many dangers! Everyone can get involved and cause some chaos with audience participation, Add to our roll or minus from our rolls, Become the big final boss of the session and try and battle against our adventurers.
Join our Adventurers-

Jersey The Devil
Boohoo Mann
Yugi Hoe
And Our Dungeon Master-


Join us from 6:30 PM with Showtime at 7PM
Cloak and Dagger

Bring your friends, Grab a drink and get ready to start your week with an adventure!

Event photos for The Drag Dungeoneers:

The Drag Dungeoneers at The Cloak and Dagger
The Drag Dungeoneers in Bristol 2022

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