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Saturday 15th January 2022

Kill The Bill Demo Bristol, National Day of Action

— College Green
A demonstration against the UK Government's authoritarian Policing and Migration bills. The last legal protest?
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Join the National Day of Action against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill, and the Nationality and Borders Bill, right here in Bristol.

Remember the feeling when Colston fell? Let's show what makes Bristol special and stand up for our right to protest.

After this bill passes, practically all effective peaceful protest tactics will be criminal offenses with prison time. Toppling Colston's statue would land you a 10 year sentence but even attending a 'noisy' demonstration like the one this Saturday, or sharing it on social media could land you in jail. This is without hyperbole the biggest assault on human rights in generations.

The massive bill also criminalise the act of residential trespass, making the Gypsi Romani Traveller culture and life criminal, with the threat of prison time and the seizure of vehicles - peoples homes and everything in them.

Police will be given additional stop and search powers, which are already used to target black people at 9 times the rate of white people. One of the measures will allow police unrestricted powers to stop and search without suspicion, and resisting such a search will become a criminal offense.

The Nationality and Borders bill already proposes to make refugee settlement almost impossible and will give the government power to strip UK citizenship without notification or appeal. If the PCSC Bill is anything to go by, the bill will contain many more attacks on migrants and human rights before it is passed.

What are you gonna do about it???

Saturday 15th January
1pm Gathering
2pm Speeches
3pm March
4pm Vigil for Human Rights

Please attend, share the event online and tell everyone you can!
-Latest weather forecast : dry but cloudy; wrap up warm.
-Please take measures to control the spread of covid-19.
-learn more about the bill and find outreach materials at ktbofficial.org

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Kill The Bill Demo Bristol, National Day of Action at College Green
Kill The Bill Demo Bristol, National Day of Action in Bristol 2022

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UK: Demonstrators hold sit-down 'Kill the Bill' protest near Bridewell Police Station in Bristol

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Woody Guthrie
Kill The Bill Demo Bristol, National Day of Action at College Green in Bristol
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