Reggae wine cellar in St.Pauls.

Cosies is a basement bar/micro club with a penchant for reggae and dub. Entry is usually under a fiver and the busy bar goes late. Dub Studio Sessions, Music Box and Bristol Reggae Society all host regular events, whilst the weekly Reggae Sunday events are a Bristol institution.

What's On At Cosies

Education Sessions: Darkspin & DJ Selection at Cosies
— Cosies
breakbeat drum and bass jungle
Goldman Trax: Last Dance 4 Palestine at Cosies
— Cosies
house disco techno breakbeat old school hip hop
Fungle Junk at Cosies
— Cosies
electro breakbeat drum and bass jungle
Bassline Remedy at Cosies
— Cosies
uk garage techno breakbeat drum and bass jungle
Anaconda Squeeze at Cosies
— Cosies
electro breakbeat trance
EducationSessions: T Cuts + The Jungle Connoisseur at Cosies
— Cosies
breakbeat drum and bass jungle

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Our recent recommendations for Cosies

Transcendental blackhole dub-techtronics for fans of classic Mille Plateaux, Chain Reaction or Felix K. Xin’s highly-textured soundworlds blast out from Conrad Pack’s SELN Records and the Emptyset-affiliated Subtext with an unrelenting sub-heavy vision. Come meditate on bass weight. Dubby club music explorations

Wicked & deadly Bristol > JA imprint Poor Man's Friend buck the relentless march for the new by producing staggeringly authentic roots reggae / rocksteady in glorious 70s / 7" stylee. This is the real deal! Expect exclusive plates featuring sweet soulful latter-day vocal gold from reggae greats, lush horn sections and bubbling basslines. This one HOT off the press! Poor Man’s Friend meet Bristol Reggae Society!

Midwest legend Chrissy (Murderbot) reunites with Ruffnek Diskotek for a potent cocktail of contorted rave-work, soulful chi-house and down-n-dirty disco dancefloor euphoria. Worth it just for the Ruffnek residents spinning the usual amapiano, dancehall and soca bruk-out anthems. with special guest Chrissy

2 towering giants of year 4000 steppas enter the ring together for the most thunderous dance Cosies has seen in a while. The Dubfather Nomadix’s quaking subs and celestial pads meet Jonah Dan’s conscious harmonies in a historic meeting of these two 90s soundsystem warriors. 90% OF TICKETS REMAIN ON THE DOOR

Do you believe in life after donk? Expect hardbass, ravecore and Tchaikovsky donk-edit sacrilege inna Bangface frenzy for the only mid-week donk dance in town. Donk / Hardbass / Ravecore