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Friday 1st November 2019

PTS x Illegal Data Halloween

— Crofters Rights
Tickets £6 on the door
price: Headfirst Tickets



Psychotherapy Sessions - PTS x Illegal Data present…

DJ Paypal
[BRAINFEEDER / Teklife Records]

Known for his catch-phrase “For the money, not the few”, real name DJ CashBuddy is no stranger to a hefty wad! His first ever show was for Drake’s son’s bar mitzvah where he was paid $100 a drop (which if you’ve ever seen him play is a LOOOOOOOT of drops). Unfortunately for DJ CashBuddy, due to a transatlantic cultural mistranslation, Drake and the rest of the OVO gang failed to recognise ANY drops in CashBuddy’s 4 hour set, meaning our frivolous hero walked away with a measly $100 after the whole night (#Harlecore?). Drake did agree to pay for 1 ‘drop’ tho, attributing this to when CashBuddy DROPPED his phone in the toilet and had to ask PARTYNEXTDOOR to order him an Uber home. After the price of the Uber this actually meant CashBuddy left the show in debt of -$40 :(
AND SO...It was experiences like this that gave CashBuddy a taste for the high life...that unquenchable thirst for the DJ lifestyle: Ubers, USB sticks, over-inflated egos and a unanimous hatred for The Black Madonna.
However, there still remained 2 things stopping CashBuddy from becoming THE BEST AND MOST FAMOUS DJ IN THE WHOLE WORLD.. The first of which is that he actually possesses a high level of musical ability and genuine artistry...the second of which is that SHERELLE is still about.
The next few years consisted of CashBuddy doing everything he could to erase this powerful musical knowledge from his brain: from repeatedly smashing his head against a wall, to smoking 9 blunts a day, nothing could erase that God -given musical GIFT of his. “I MUST KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT MUSIC. That’s the ONLY way I can really become a successful DJ.. I mean just look at those Berghain arseholes FFS!”
In all seriousness tho, Drake doesn’t have a son and DJ PayPal is a very very very fucking good artist. his album ‘Sold Out’ is a genuine favourite, and he has continually inspired us for a long time now. A real honour (bit much) to have him play. let’s show him some spoOoOoOoOky love yoooo!
FUN FACT: DJ PayPal thinks Joker is ‘the best film ever made’ lol

Loraine James
[LIVE / Hyperdub]

20% Oyster card, 30% “Still so gassed to be on Hyperdub”, 60% Paramore first album memorabilia, Loraine James has arrived with more BANGS than a bowl-cut at an NRA meeting!
SMASH! THUD! PEOW! These are just SOME of the sounds she will be slinging into our unspoilt ear-holes on Friday, and also the names of her 3 pet rocks she’s had since she was 6 years old. These igneous allies have been a huge part of Loraine’s musical development, whether being used to prop up speakers, serve as a paper weight for PRS forms or simply as a weapon to be chucked at Holly Herndon, in Loraine’s words “Just to prove that she is in fact human and capable of displaying some sort of relatable emotion”.
Aside from music, Loraine James is also an award-winning Tomato poet (someone who writes poems about tomatoes) and has even been presented with the prestigious Turnip Tongue award at 2019’s Vegan Arts Gathering for her poem ‘Sun-dried Feelings’ which compares the process of sun-drying tomatoes with late stage free-market capitalism. “Confusing stuff!” says Lee Gamble.
Focusing just on the MUSIC now tho, Loraine effortlessly balances intricate, math-footwork-polyrhythmic SOURCERY with her own unique introspective narratives (uh oh sounds like I’m writing for The Wire now lol) blah blah from blah really highlights how blah blah blah OK BASICALLY LORAINE JAMES IS SICK! WATCH HER PLAY OR YOUR SOUL WILL BURN IN HELL 5EVER YOU BIG IDIOTS!!!
FUN FACT: Loraine James can’t pronounce the word ‘Tomato’.

Fever 103°
[LIVE / Avon Terror Corps]

Peggy Vienetta
[Planet Fun]

+ ID & PTS DJs

2 ROOM HALLOWEEN SPECIAL at The Crofters Rights
(Crofters Main Room + Ray's Pizza)

Adv. Tickets on Headfirst Bristol

Artist Videos:


Artist Audio:

SoundCloud - DJ PAYPAL
DJ Paypal
DJ Paypal - 'Awakening' - BRAINFEEDER
DJ Paypal feat. DJ Earl + DJ Taye - Dose - Adult Swim Singles
DJ Paypal - No One Else - LuckyMe Records
Nick Hook - 'Wit It feat. DJ Paypal' (Digital Only) - Ninja Tune
RA.499 DJ Paypal - PastPresentFuture
Loraine James

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