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Friday 20th May 2022

DHIDALAH (Guruguru Brain) + REDMOOR

— Crofters Rights
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
price: Headfirst Tickets


“Japrocksampler meets Krautrocksampler via deliciously acid-fried n heavy space rock oozing with doom-laden fuzz solos and psych-out electronics. Dhidalah are ripping this genre a new one from the far east alongside Guruguru Brain label mates Kikagaku Moyo and Minami Deutsch.”
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18+ event.
Dhidalah started in 2007 as an instrumental heavy psych trio from Tokyo (Gotoh Ba, Konstantine/Dr, Ikuma Kawabe/Gt). The group’s name comes from the mythological giant Daidarabotchi, which was believed to create mountains and land with its enormous size, much like Dhidalah’s sound.
While Ikuma was playing as a guitarist for Church of Misery, the trio discovered a connection between music from different genres. Their sound reveals that connection, which is often described as space kraut rock meets heavy doom.
After they built strong fan base in Japan by touring Japan several times, they released their debut 10” “NO WATER” from Guruguru Brain in 2017, and now they are seeking to touring in Europe.

Artist Videos:

Dhidalah - Threshold 発端 - full album (2019)
Dhidalah - No Water (2017) (Full Album)
Dhidalah - NO WATER
Dhidalah - GRB
Dhidalah - Jovian Sky | Threshold

Artist Audio:


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