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Fri 26th/01/2018

Erratic Batting with DJ Bus Replacement Service

— Crofters Rights
price: Headfirst Tickets


Arising from the insipid cave of throbbing beats and endless Kombucha, the bestial Erratic Batting boogied large at the last gathering. The Galaxians presented some discoid electro-funk and, ever since, the beast's been flapping like an albatross in a January storm looking for a rave-fix.

Crash landing in the middle of the Yorkshire moors, the beast has exited the space ship and clambered onto a more traditional mode of transportation. For the next party the beast will bring you its most ERRATIC and totally batty bonkers booking to date.

DJ BUS REPLACEMENT SERVICE is about to board. Get your raving welllies on. This one's a fun house.


DJ BUS REPLACEMENT SERVICE sports a jump suit and a Kim Jong Ill mask while playing 160bpm re-interpretations (and other tempos) of oddball pop, dance and rave classics sewn together in a relentlessly fun and erratic way.

After appearances at Sonar, Bang Face and Freerotation, we are very happy to have her perform in her unique way in the Crofters back room.

KAYNE THE HERMIT & his Cultura Records co-founder, Daniel, are the bus conductors for this evening's entertainment. Kayne's bi-monthly Noods radio show is worth the fare alone.

Erratic Batting residents - Swan Hips & Natty K - will be on top deck, scrounging around looking for loose change.

£4 OTD // 11-3

Artist Videos:

Dj Bus Replacement Service SMASHING IT !!!

Artist Audio:

Freerotation 2017 - DJ BusReplacement Service

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