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Friday 3rd December 2021


— Crofters Rights
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
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“Heady sax freakouts straight from the gutter, Sex Swing summon a mighty noise for another vital Gravy Train x BLG booking.”
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18+ event.
Sex Swing are the British underground supergroup that shouldn’t even exist. One member has survived a plane crash. One has survived (and won) a chess/boxing match against an opponent with the (entirely deserved) nickname ‘The Finnish Hammer’. Another has survived being struck by lightning.
Sex Swing feature Jason Stoll (bass), who makes tumultuous and foreboding sounds with Bonnacons of Doom and runs God Unknown Records; Colin Webster (sax), who is involved with a plethora of free jazz projects (including Dead Neanderthals) and releases many of them through his Raw Tonk label; Dan Chandler (vocals), who sang in the masterful Dethscalator; Stu Bell (drums), who also played in Dethscalator and Gin Palace; Jodie Cox (guitar), who plays with Seattle drone metal overlords Earth and he’s half of the Markers duo. Newest addition sees Oliver Knowles on keyboards.
The band have gained a phenomenal live reputation - enough to have The Quietus immediately decide to release their album when they saw them. They combine heinous volume, brute rhythmic throb and a devotion to twisted concave noise, which is crushingly physical, mentally disorientating and creates a deeply seedy music that speaks of narcotic London nights and drab suburban nightmares alike… while still being pretty good to dance to.
Dealing in sweaty groove and physical menace Sex Swing are musically tied to an England both squalid and hallucinatory: rain-soaked and rat-bitten but also (genuinely) psychedelic. Because while psych - a contentious phrase at the best of times - is often thought of in terms of beatific hypercolour and can readily encompass everything from jangling 60’s revivalists to bedroom laptop alchemists, Sex Swing operate at the brutal end: a greyscale dockland in a warped hive mind screwed by lack of sleep and haunted by the twisted waking dreams that inevitably ensue: waves of cranial discomfort tempered by the pure physical release of the music.
The new album “Type II, was released in May 2020 via Rocket Recordings for such a critical acclaim, followed few months after by “Passovers” album of remixes of the tracks of the recent release, feat. contributions by Metz, Idles, Brian Case and more...

"Sex Swing are back and more massive than ever. 'Valentine's Day At The Gym' is a monstrous, thrilling stampede of heavy-sax-psych-noise of the highest order" THE QUIETUS
“Order and chaos rule Type II, and Sex Swing would’ve made a far less engaging LP had they allowed one to supersede the other. It takes remarkable tact to have such opposing forces play together so amicably”. LOUD & QUIET
“A hedonistic thrill” - TERRORIZER
“A transcendent dose of ultra-heavy psych...” - CLASH

Artist Videos:

Sex Swing – Valentine’s Day At The Gym
Sex Swing – The Passover
Sex Swing – Skimmington Ride
Nighttime Worker

Artist Audio:

Sex Swing