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Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Misscoteque (Postponed to August 3rd)

— Crofters Rights
Inviting all shes and theys to the dance floor!
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“Womxns Disco Collective carry on the legacy of lesbian disco nights in Bristol with an evening of disco, house, and old school garage classics. Male free zone.”
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Back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Bristol was home to some of the most legendary lesbian disco events in the UK. These nights played a central role in connecting members of the local queer community, offering a safe space in which womxn were able to be themselves and escape an often hostile outside world. These were empowering nights of connection, love and dance.

The Womxns Disco Collective believes that these safe spaces, now lost, are just as necessary in 2021 as they were back then. Queer womxn are too often made to feel like a minority in both gay bars and straight-orientated venues. As such, we invite all shes and theys to join us on The Crofters Rights dance floor on July 6th 2021, from 11pm-3am, for a very queer DIY night of disco, house, and old skool garage. Our talented female DJs – Jamurai, EZZA, DJ Ammi, Skye, and Simetra – will be spinning on both CDJs and vinyl decks.*

Tickets are just £4, and any profit made from the event will be donated to a local LGBTQIA+ charity.

For our artwork, we have the lovely Amy Wright to thank, with whom we were put into contact by local queer graphic designers Conway & Young (http://www.conwayandyoung.com/about/).

It's time to funk the patriarchy!

*We use the term womxn here in an inclusive sense to include trans women and those who identify as non-binary and genderfluid. Although we have curated and created a safe space for womxn and non-binary folx, please be assured that your gender will not be checked at the door. The Crofters Rights and Womxns Disco Collective share an ethos of inclusivity.