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Saturday 18th June 2022

CANCELLED: Deep Listening Workshop

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled
price: Headfirst Tickets


Unfortunately we've had to cancel both the workshop & performance this weekend, Tina & Dan will be back with a rescheduled date soon.


Deep Listening Workshop 16:00-18:30

"Listening to space changes space, and changing space changes listening" - Pauline Oliveros

Anyone can practice Deep Listening – it is an evolving and embodied meditative practice that aims to foster personal and collective wellbeing through the exploration of heightened states of awareness, the receiving of sound, and the 'lifting off' of judgement.

In 1989, Pauline Oliveros coined the term Deep Listening to describe a practice of radical attentiveness. Oliveros described Deep Listening as “a practice that is intended to expand consciousness of sound in as many dimensions of awareness and attentional dynamics as humanly possible” – as well as listening, its practice uses sound, body, breath, and movement.

Workshop participants are invited to take part in a range of Deep Listening exercises, including those devised by Oliveros. The workshop is open to everyone - no musical training or advance preparation is required. Instruments will be provided, and participants are welcome to bring their own acoustic instruments / objects - anything that makes a sound!

Tina & Dan will give a special Deep Listening performance and Q & A from 19:30, for more information or to purchsase tickets for the evening performance --> hdfst.uk/E75539


Dan & Tina started playing as a percussion and flute duo during the first lockdown in 2020, exploring the acoustic possibilities of outside spaces across the empty city of Bristol. Together, they improvise responses to each other and the environment, playing at the extremes of texture and rhythm, silence, and space, with the intention of exploring the boundaries of their instruments.

Dan is a freelance musician, performance artist, and teacher specialising in improvisation, rhythm, listening, and creative development. As a musician and performer, Dan's work is rooted in improvisation and seeks to explore human nature; exposing and expanding the limits of mind, body, & spirit. Perhaps best known as the primary drummer with EP/64, Dan is also an accomplished educator. He has shared original research and led workshops on listening and creativity at conferences and universities throughout the UK. He is currently interested in relationships between sound, silence, self and others.

Tina is a flautist, improviser, composer, and sound artist who often collaborates across disciplines. As a performer she has specialised in free improvisation for over 15 years, currently appearing with Viridian Ensemble, Harpoon, and Halftone. She has worked with Keith Tippett, Dominic Lash, Hannah Marshall, Matthew Grigg, Yvonna Magda, Helen Papaioannou, and many more. Tina released an album of solo flute improvisations - Right Into the River - via TBC Editions in 2021, and was recently a recipient of a British Music Collection / Sound & Music commission for a new audio-visual work – High Tide – in collaboration with visual artist Sam Francis. Tina is interested in the edges of sounds, the extremes, the boundaries of her instrument, and how we experience ourselves with others through music.

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