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Saturday 19th February 2022

Deep Listening - Dan Johnson & Tina Hitchens

Daytime Workshops + Evening Performance with Dan Johnson & Tina Hitchens
price: Tickets Below


"Listening to space changes space, and changing space changes listening" - Pauline Oliveros

Workshops :


£10 per person (includes free entry to the evening performance)
Maximum 10 people per workshop

Performance + Q&A :
19:30 - 21:00

£6 per person
Maximum 30 people for the evening performance

Proof of a negative lateral flow test (taken on the day) required for entry

Deep Listening is an evolving, meditative practice that aims to foster personal and collective well-being through the exploration of heightened states of awareness, the receiving of sound, and the 'lifting off' of judgement.

Dan is a musician and teacher specialising in rhythm, improvisation, listening, and creativity. As well as being a busy solo performer, Dan also plays drums with EP/64, DJxKWF(xLA), Marcy & more.

Tina is an improviser, composer and sound artist who plays with a number of groups -including Viridian, Harpoon, and Halftone - and does solo work. She’s interested in free improvisation, in the edges of sounds, and in how we experience ourselves with others through music.

Dan & Tina started playing as a percussion and flute duo during the first UK lockdown in 2020, when they began exploring the acoustic possibilities of outdoor spaces across the empty city of Bristol. Their performances are improvised responses to each other and the environment around them. They play at the extremes of texture and rhythm; whether entirely acoustically or combining unorthodox mic techniques with multiple FX pedals, the intention is to expand the boundaries of their instruments and audiences.


Event photos for Deep Listening - Dan Johnson & Tina Hitchens:

Deep Listening - Dan Johnson & Tina Hitchens at D–UNIT
Deep Listening - Dan Johnson & Tina Hitchens in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Tina Hitchens live stream

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bandcamp - Tisla

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