Broadmead's newest creative event space

The Lanes, Strange Brew, Rough Trade and now Dareshack....we never thought Broadmead would be the new Stokes Croft but here it is!

Dareshack promises a 200 capacity event space / 'creative studio' with an emphasis on building unique environments where creative people and projects can thrive with independent and experimental programming across music and the arts. They're also really into their coffee and artisan cakes.

What's On At Dareshack

— Dareshack
post-punk dark wave
Palehound at Dareshack
— Dareshack
rock alternative rock indie rock grunge art rock
Home Counties at Dareshack
— Dareshack
pop synthpop indie rock art rock shoegaze
Pem at Dareshack
— Dareshack
folk folk-pop singer-songwriter
HUMANIST at Dareshack
— Dareshack
rock alternative rock indie rock art rock
Dog Unit at Dareshack
— Dareshack
experimental rock electro rock alternative rock
— Dareshack
folk singer-songwriter
VR SEX + THE SERFS at Dareshack
— Dareshack
synthpop punk post-punk
Aircooled at Dareshack
— Dareshack
experimental rock psychedelic rock disco alternative rock indie rock

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Our recent recommendations for Dareshack

Sell out warning! Texas’ reigning darkwave darlings return armed with icy 80s pulses, driving drum machines and romantic gloom. Synthetic perfection FFO: Boy Harsher, Clan of Xymox, She Past Away, Drab Majesty, the Cure, the Soft Moon (RIP). TWIN TRIBES + WINGTIPS at Dareshack.

Sublime electric elegance for clarinet and keys - casting a pastoral net of aching beauty and melancholy over your weary existence. Transportative field notes for the soul, vital FFO: Mort Garson, Virginia Astley, Ghostbox Recs, ECM, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Colleen. GROUP LISTENING live at Dareshack.

San Francisco sadcore veteran Glenn Donaldson makes a long overdue transatlantic debut with The Reds, Pinks and Purples; shimmering retro-sympathetic college rock rich in sentimental Magnetic Fields-style tragicomedy and jangly warmth. New favourite FFO: The Go-Betweens, early R.E.M., The Tubs, Trust Fund, Sarah Records. THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES

Dark, dirgy and doped-out post-punk skuzz! Drahla kickstart your wicked heart after a brief yet unwelcome 3 year break. With sinister industrial sludgtronics from Jerome in support, this one’s a no-brainer FFO: Dry Cleaning, Cola, Crack Cloud, Ditz, Delta 5, Sonic Youth. DRAHLA live at Dareshack.

Southern Lord-signed spacious guitar brutalism. Droney and torturous sonics with Tasy Hudson’s vocals adding sweet barbs that set them apart from the crop of sludge metal machismo acts. Huge FFO: Divide and Dissolve, The Body, Earth. BIG BRAVE + AICHER live at Dareshack.