Kaleidoscope Fusion dance party at Docklands Community Centre, St Pauls
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A clubnight on Saturday 18th November. The event starts at 19:30.

We want all of you. We throw dance parties where all bodies are invited. You already know how to dance, we're just here to give you permission to embrace all of the ways your body wants to move.

Come alone, come with friends, dip in a toe or plunge in the deep end. However you want to party, we're here for it.

So that everyone feels safe to unleash their full selves on the dancefloor our only rule is to be excellent to one another (aka the "don't be an asshole" policy). What does that mean? We expect you to be great at respecting other peoples' boundaries and bodies, to pay attention and to use your words if you're unsure.


Fusion is partner dancing, without the baggage. We're not here to stick to a rigid set of steps and endless rules, but to actually dance with another person to good music on a night out. Fusion is all about improvisation, connecting with your partner and seeing what happens. We don't care if you've never danced before, as long as you're having a good time.

Fusion gets it's name from fusing different styles of dance - maybe you've danced blues, tango, lindy, west coast swing or hip hop or maybe you just like to get on the dance floor and shake it, you have something to bring!


We'll kick off the evening with an intro to social dancing for anyone who'd like some tips on dancing with a partner, before local DJ's get us moving with tracks ranging from slow and squishy to high-energy bangers.

All the updates on the facebook event right here: https://www.facebook.com/events/682272217191646


7.30pm intro class
8.30pm our DJ's bring the party


In fusion we...
...don't assume what role you take in the dance; whether you lead, follow or switch is up to you and your partner
...welcome everyone, embracing queerness and all types of bodies
...feel free to ask anyone to dance, and are okay hearing and saying no sometimes
...check-in with our partner about what kind of dance they would like, including whether they feel happy with close embrace or being dipped


We're back in our usual venue, which is fully accessible. The front door is accessed by a tarmac ramp, there is on-street parking for blue badge holders and an accessible bathroom inside.

If you want to attend the class and might need some modifications, email [email protected] so we can make sure our teaching meets your needs.


If you can't afford a ticket and want to come dancing, email [email protected] and we'll try to help ✨

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