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Friday 22nd July 2022

Illegal Data #15: BABii / Iceboy Violet & more...

— Exchange
BABii (Live) / Iceboy Violet (Live) / Stolen Velour (DJ) / Tlya X An (Live) / Mun Sing b2b NE$$ (DJ)
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“Ain’t no party like an Illegal Data party: for their next outing there’s ethereal electro-pop meets UKG from BABii, Iceboy Violet’s grime-laced experimental club, maximalist hard dance selections from Stolen Velour, and acid-tinged pop from Tyla X An. Plus resident rascals Mun Sing and NE$$ bringing the chaotic good on the decks.”
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The second best night in Bristol returns with a modest yet still important BANG! Like Buzz Aldrin, holding up a silver medal with his left hand, it's ok to celebrate greatness even if you're a million miles (or a few footsteps) away from being THE greatest. And you know what? We're totally fine with that. Like tooooootallllyyyyy chill over here! We can't compete with putting on a clubnight every month, or rotating the same local UK techno artists every so often, or offering 2-4-1 jagerbombs on fancy Red Bull funded lcd screens behind the bar. Are they contributing to a more homogenised club music scene, centred around bar profits and sponsorships in an already musically arrogant city? Of course they are, and tbh we kinda get it! chase that paper dawgs!! <3 But just remember, 1 local techno dj is worth literally 5 rock bands (minus the 6 pack of warm red stripe and petrol money). SO ask yourself this question.. does the world need more Mobys? Or more Alex Turners...actually wait that's a hideous scenario, the world needs exactly minus 1 of each. ewwww grossssss

BABii (Live)

Iceboy Violet (Live)

Stolen Velour (DJ)

Tlya X An (Live)

Mun Sing b2b NE$$ (DJ)

Friday 22nd July / Exchange, Bristol


Artist Videos:

BABii - SHADOW (Official video)
BABii - LiiTE (Official Music Video)
Iceboy Violet x Jennifer Walton - VANITY
Stolen Velour - Nia
Tlya X An - Fourteen Fires

Artist Audio:

Iceboy Violet
Stolen Velour
Tlya X An

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