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Friday 3rd August 2018

Schwetfest 3.0

— Exchange
Third FREE celebration of the Bristol & beyond sub-underground freakscene
price: Headfirst Tickets


Schwet present "a session where we can do what we want to do..."

JOIN US for the third Schwetfest, a FREE celebration of the Bristol (and Beyond) sub-underground freak-scene. A Friday evening/night of experimental and adventurous sounds at Bristol's Right Honourable Home for Noise, Exchange. Without further ado, the artists performing this year...

David Terry
The Perverts
Champ Band
Karim Maas + Vega
Palm Oil
Schwet DJs

"Margenrot is the solo project of Moscow-based, Siberian born musician Lusia Kazaryan-Topchyan, who also used to sing and play keys for the iconic post-punk band fanny kaplan. Her solo endeavor explores more intriguing sonic territories by merging Eastern flavors with gloomy industrial rhythms and atmospheres. A dark and mesmerising journey into the subterranean, inspired by her Armenian roots and murky sounds of 80-90s industrial music."

"David Terry (see: Trollman Av Ildtoppberg, BONG - Band UK) has created his own mythology through 18+ years of arcane recordings heard through a plethora of obscure outposts.
With "Sorrow" he charts a new path, resolute with cleaner and denser recording than ever before. David lays accordion, synth, voice and amplified air into large scale minimalist landscapes. Some tracks top 40 minute in length, their austerity barely punctured by hypnotic drumming. This is a music of chronic melancholia, attriting those who listen.
The "dungeon" is so often cited now but before our culture created this term people like David drew the outlines. Past and present at the same time."

Skinhead Dan aka UKAEA, 'fresh' off a string of cult-like ritual happenings across the UK's barns, warehouses and clubs alike, brings his formidable stack of modular kit to Bristol for one purpose: Complete Sonic Fuckery. You might also know this as Really Banging Techno.
Previously of the infamous Sly & The Family Drone and Nitkowski clans, Dan now focuses his attentions on building obscene spaghettti-esque patches designed specifically to cause physical and psychological over-stimulation.
Mandatory Modern Pagan Dance Trance!

Bristol based selector and producer SUNUN explores global cultures' music through the eyes of revolution and rhythm for her dub-soaked monthly show on Noods Radio.
Known for her exhaustive knowledge across the Dub spectrum, Bridget can also be heard reaching for choice post-punk, Ethno-industrial and meditative sonics. We're really excited to hear how these coalesce this evening for one of her rare live performances.

"...like some old hidden memory that would rather be forgotten, The Perverts gather beneath the concrete pavements of polite society awaiting to unleash themselves upon an unsuspecting public."
Bristol's finest Spazzcore Pop quartet since 2002. You've been warned...

CHAMP is an artist collective and Community Interest Company (CIC) based at the The Brunswick Club. Funded in 2014 by 12 graduates of UWE Fine Arts. Tonight, they will present a piece of collective improvised sound.

VEGA - "One of the creative minds behind Abstractions Bristol events since 2009, Vega is one of the founding members of UVB-76 Music, RUFFHOUSE and 4 6 2 5.
From UVB-76 Music’s fractal personnel rises KARIM MAAS.
Explicitly undefinable by genre, Maas employs a recurring sound palette that binds his compositions together as a cohesive body of work which is conducive in series. A founding member of production outfit 4 6 2 5, Maas’ obsession with hardware and outboard production kit is demonstrated by the warmth, body and sheer power of his work."

EMEI - "frosted bell-like tones mapping out an innocent, nursery rhyme-like melody that distorts and manipulates as layers of her own voice are fed into the mix and the tension mounts steadily before it all evaporates suddenly to empty space...
From here on in, synth drones, treated accordion, field recordings, vocal loops and a deft application of distortion processes combine to create a captivating and engrossing soundworld that can conjure numerous different textures and emotional responses, sometimes all at once."

Palm Oil is the debut produce of electronic musician Yas Clarke. Released late last year, the EP is an ear-cleansing suite of percussive Pointillism, satisfyingly scattered and skittish, harnessed by a shifting, smudged layer of implacable tones and drones.
But don't get the picture wrong though, this music is Bright. Not in a Laptop-Boffin sense, that's not what I meant (though Mark Fell is a reasonable reference point). The melodies really shimmer, sometimes glaringly so. I don't have a clue what 'Harmalodics' are, but I'd wager this collection of arcane-folk future-jazz has them by the bucket-load.

Bristol's most persistent non-DJs, Schwet will soundtrack your decline with their usual unusual.

*though donations for travelling artists is very much appreciated.
Live music from 7pm - 3am
Strict No Jeb Ends Policy

Artist Videos:

Yas Clarke - Palm Oil (full album) 2017

Artist Audio:

David Terry - Slowly, Slowly, Up Into The Rain We Fell (Excerpt) - Opal Tapes

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