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Wednesday 1st August 2018

Flower/Corsano Duo - Autobitch - Grigg/SALTINGS

— Exchange
A night of Experimentalism
price: £7 adv (see event details)






Exchange / Bristol

Weds / 1st Aug / 2018

£7 adv

Brought to you via Paul / Adrian & Friends

Thissss quadraple skin & sweat phest of a show veers from eternal noise joy, skirting humours thru to hand-dunked notes, eco-wordage and un-vintage songforms, all with grace and venom.

FLOWER / CORSANO DUO are truly ecstatic players who are a joy to watch in full zoned flight and fight. The duo beautifully illicit an expansive sound stretch, tribal, abstracted but acutely musical.

As a duo these pair are dynamic (in a post-hardcore / improv sense) and circular (in a spirit changing / non–hierarchical way) in their mix of Chris Corsano's rhythm patterns, hand-claps and drums morphing into Mick Flower's shaahi baaja machine creating an eternal drone and wall of tone. These are two underground music makers who have gelled as duo to a startling degree, and are able to enrapture audiences in all conditions.

Chris Corsano is a kinetic but balanced drummer (who has played with a slew from mavericks like Byron Coley, Jandek, Bill Orcutt and Bjork to jazzers like Joe Mcphee, Paul Flaherty and Mette Rasmussen) who uses this project to inject some punkish tabla-type rolls into the metallic bends and bassik undertows that is his percussive thing. “Corsano's flea-market kit of cast-iron pot lids, super-bouncy-balls on sticks, butter knives, and even a sax mouth-piece jammed-in-a-hose conjures a part rhythmic maelstrom”

Mick Flower (from Leeds Vibracathedral Orchestra and occasional member of Sunburned Hand Of The Man) is an incendiary and graceful guitar player who, in this duo, plays the 'shaahi baaja' or Japan banjo from India in a rocking, transcendent manner. When Michael Flower plugs in his guitar the venue somehow shrinks and the electricity and vibe gets channelled deep into his axe and amp. The tension is tight, raw and radiant music can pore out, then chop and morph into something more zoned and shimmering. His music is both rooted in classic rock and the out-there and ethnic, this all allows it to dazzle.

As a powerful and loud guitar/drum duo, the Flower-Corsano Duo are something else - they have that special connection to elevate through noise, rhythm and primal harmonix.

Auto Bitch take drum, mic and accordian and shove them into wholly fantastical places. Follow Katie and Kim as they fish for the simple/complex tensions, frustrations and dreamy utopias in the unique alchemical rivers they plunge through. They create snappy or snapped freeform pop songs out of wrought lyrical emotions and deadpan drummed asides. It sparkles where it tocuhes.

The Matthew Grigg / SALTINGS duo show meshs Grigg's keen and darting guitar lines thru amp with SALTINGS manipulations and feels for the quease and errie of composting life.

Matthew Grigg (guitar, amplifier) is a musician involved predominantly in improvised musics liberated from composition these including; Free Improvisation, Free Noise & Free Jazz. He has performed with the likes of Eugene Chadbourne, Rhys Chatham, Paul Hubweber, Dominic Lash, Thomas Lehn, Eivind Lønning, Hannah Marshall, Espen Reinertsen & Alan Wilkinson.

“… aligned to free improv, noise and string theory … Tonal noiser and industrial jazzer, Grigg works guitar, amplifier and electronics so you hear the signal itself” – Sudden Cricket


SALTINGS is the sobriquet of Irish-born composer Andrew Cooke. Drawing on unsettling literary influences & utilising a combination of live instruments, loops, pedals and processing, Cooke realises audio-worlds of controlled darkness; hushed plateaus and black horizons which veer into cascading noise and unrepentant drone.

'whispered, minimal elegies for the undetermined; or baleful shadings; or queasy, discombobulated, John Adams-styled loops both shaken and slurred' - misfitcity.org


David Hawkins is here to open the evening with Poetry.

David is a writer, editor and botanist with a eye on the localaties of Bristol and beyond. This you can hear when knowing he was once unofficial poet in residence on the waste ground near Severn Tunnel Junction but has recently become official writer in residence at the Species Recovery Trust.

David was awarded second prize in the 2015 UK National Poetry Competition. Recent work has appeared in Stride and The Hopper, and is forthcoming in Blackbox Manifold. He has performed at venues as diverse as Ledbury Poetry Festival and Bristol's experimental reading series Anathema.

Artist Videos:

Matthew Grigg - Solo. Live at BLACK BOX in Cuba, Münster Germany.

Artist Audio:

Flower Corsano Duo - Live [edit] - Shaun Crook
Flower-Corsano Duo
SALTINGS & Thomas Stone: Live Improvisation At Salt Cafe 17.11.17 - SALTINGS
Tobias Brügge Matthew Grigg Duo - Arch Duo (for Derek & Evan) - Matthew Grigg

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