Film/Interdisciplinary workshop with Brenda Waite at FAITHSPACE BS1 6PB
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A event on Sunday 19th September. The event starts at 14:00.

BEEF present

Film / Interdisciplinary workshop with Brenda Wait and Anna Cady
14.00 - 17.00
includes a screening of INVISIBLE followed by writing and movement workshops exploring ways to create, experience and interpret space and film in relation to the body.

Writing workshop – Anna - short creative writing exercises in response to short pieces of film, followed
by a Movement workshop – Brenda - using the words unearthed during the writing will explore our
expressive movement potential, and our relationship to each other and our surroundings.

Brenda Waite
"I am a performance practitioner of physical theatre and dance whose work is
grounded in practises that accentuate ‘live-ness’.  My projects revolve around
fostering connection with others, our physical surroundings and personal

Anna Cady
"My intention, in making films co-creatively with artists and non-artists, is to enable
conversations about differing points of view. Site specific installations combine
performance, dance, music and poetry."

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Welcome to adults of all ages and abilities
A negative lateral flow test is required to attend the workshop - thank you.

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