Friendly Records

Friendly Records

Bedminster's one-stop record shop and bar combo

Friendly Records was already one of the best independent stores in the city, then they launched a label. Now they've moved further up North Street and added an excellent bar premises onto the side of the shop. The Friendly triad is now complete, and we the people will benefit from regular trad folk nights, live comedy, book launches and gigs in the ambient/neo-classical/fourth world vein.

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Friendly Records treat us once again to some jazz-inflected wonders. Duski draw on film soundtracks and the dark textures of Welsh dusk to create weightless, gorgeous double bass and tenor sax soundscapes. Fans of Colin Stetson, Ben Vince, Miles Davis and Twin Peaks will swoon in their seats. Improvised new jazz music - ‘a refreshing taste of ambient, grooved out jazz'

Free entry! Q&A with local writer Matt Anniss celebrating the expanded edition of his bleep techno bible, Join The Future. Huge history lesson FFO: early Warp Records, LFO, Nightmares on Wax; early dubstep, garage, bassine etc. Join The Future: bleep techno and the birth of British bass music

Klezmer-inflected chamber folk majesty for cello and nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed harp). Benjin combines 800 year old British folksongs with Bach, dense jazz improvisations and sound collages; evoking the poignant melancholy of Renaissance sitting rooms in 21st century Bedminster. Music for cello, nyckelharpa, trumpet & violin