Bristol Donk Collective - The Charva Ball at Greenworks
Event Cancelled
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A clubnight on Friday 24th November. The event starts at 22:00.

Oi oi!! What's up me chavvieeeess. 1 rig, 1 warehouse, £10 a facking ticket all night. So go steal ya nans 20 deck of sovereign golds, get down tut market and grab ya'self a fresh 2 stripe sadidas tracksuit, 10 cans of special brew, 15 cans of stelllllaaaaa and lets get mortal. 24th of November at Greenworks, Bristol.

Even at short notice, if Halloween's sell out is anything to go by, this is gonna be an absolute Belter pal!

The dress code is strictly chavvy vibes you know..

Taking it back to the days of Amber Leaf 3 in 1's, 3 for 100, Tesco's own Vodka, Frosty Jack's, Special Brew and sending your mate T2 Heartbroken via infared on your Sony Walkman spotting your freshest full Lonsdale Tracksuit. When on TV we had shows like Shameless, Balls Of Steel and Ali G. When life was proper Like....

1 rig in the shape of a Turbosound Aspect system courtesy of Irritant Sounds in a warehouse full of munted ravers. Mosh wall to wall as standard.

DJ's including

DJ Can't Say No!


Jodie Rose





Count Donkula

Due to the late notice we will be offering tickets at £10 per head all night. Get yours online upfront via Headfirst and don't miss out. There was a few disappointed ravers after the online sell out on Halloween!

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