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Friday 21st January 2022

Cancelled: Inside The Mind Of A Psychopath

β€” Hen & Chicken
An intriguing talk on the psyche of a psychopath..
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Psychopaths - they look just like us, yet they think very differently. 1 in 100 of us could be a psychopath; either hiding in plain sight or wreaking havoc on the lives of others (sometimes without ever committing an actual crime).

This is an informal talk which incorporates case studies and interviews to help identify and protect yourself against psychopathy.

How To Spot A Psychopath - Using the Psychopathy Checklist, we will look at the typical traits of a psychopath.

Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists. Learn how to spot the differences.

What Does A Psychopath's Brain Look Like? Take a look inside the mind of notorious serial killers.
Do You Have The Brain Of A Psychopath?

During this live interactive talk, you can play along with our Psychopath Test

Psychopaths In Film. How right does Hollywood get psychopathy?

How To Defend Yourself Against A Psychopath. Based on the research of Dr. Robert D. Hare - here's how not to fall into the psychopath's trap.

Hosted by Crime Viral founder and serial killer expert Cheish Merryweather. This is a live and interactive talk - so expect quizzes, polls, and a Q&A session.

Artist Videos:

Organized vs Disorganized Serial Killers: Key Differences Explained

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Inside The Mind Of A Psychopath at Hen & Chicken in Bristol
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