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Friday 20th May 2022

Chai Free Party: Ebi Soda + Ramnastax + Wavysof

— The Jam Jar
Chai Wallahs: Free Party feat Ebi Soda +++
price: Headfirst Tickets


As the season approaches and we draw to the end of our venue shows in preparation for the festival fields, we have decided to run this event on a FREE PARTY to celebrate the recovery of the grassroots movement.

It’s a chance for us to introduce 3 excellent emerging acts that deserve some stage time and cut loose from the stresses of selling tickets in a post pandemic forever ongoing shitstorm.

We would be delighted if you would join us.

All we ask is that is you come down early and if you like what you hear consider making a donation or buying some band merch.

Please register for a ticket though so we can keep an eye on numbers.

Its first come first serve so crack on, register, and come and discover 3 fresh exciting acts and celebrate the diversity that is the Grassroots Music Scene

Nice One
Si Chai xxx

Staunch anti-traditionalists, Ebi Soda thrive on this idea of contradiction, seeming more inspired by the atmosphere inside a rave than the sounds heard inside Birdland. Their only debt to typical jazz being to attempt to innovate and experiment at every opportunity.

Characterised by erratic drum breaks, multi-effect soundscapes and searing trombone lines, Ebi Soda keep a post-punk DIY ethic close to their hearts, with songs often birthed from sweaty smokey bedrooms rather than that of the big band hall.

Are a 5-piece instrumental funk fusion band from Cardiff, who have been gigging in and around the Welsh mountains for the last five years. Known for their headshaking, ground-wiggling groove and spicy melodic content, the band have forged a strong following within the Welsh music scene.

Expect a raw blend of blistering funk, jazz, soulful gospel, hip hop and EDM all designed to make the audience dance.

It's still early days for this self taught 21 year old producer, singer, rapper, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Essex...but there's been a lot of life lived in Wavysof's short few years.

Every situation and circumstance in this uneasy society is displayed within her undeniable story-telling ability, underground wavy melodic sounds and the incredible sense of reason that is; just be true to who you are.

Event photos for Chai Free Party: Ebi Soda + Ramnastax + Wavysof:

Chai Free Party: Ebi Soda + Ramnastax + Wavysof at The Jam Jar
Chai Free Party: Ebi Soda + Ramnastax + Wavysof in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Ebi Soda - Summer One live at Boathouse studio
Ebi Soda - Meow Meow Live
Ebi Soda | We Out Here: Online & On Air | June

Artist Audio:

Ebi Soda
bandcamp - bandcamp

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